LATVIA – ESTONIA 1:2 (1:1)

January 17th, 2016, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Best players: Vladislavs Kurakins, Kevin Kauber

Post match comments


Dainis Kazakevics, Head coach of team Latvia:

– We are disappointed with the result, although we expected the match to be difficult, because it was a starting game and also a Baltic derby. All with games with Estonia are especially important for us! I am unhappy not only with the result. I didn't like that the match was progressing not by our scenario. There were a lot of mistakes. The decisive moment of the match was an incident with a red card in our team. I did not get a chance to watch the video yet to form my view. But in any case we were left without one player and had to play almost an entire half this way, and our opponents eventually used this advantage in the end of the game.

– And we thought that your players got energized exactly after one of the guys was sent off...

– We were planning to have initiative over the opposing team. Something didn't go right in the first half. In half time we again aimed the folks at attacking. And they were to run forward, but then the red card happened. Our problem was that we did not manage to get control over the ball. I'll put it this way: we didn't manage more than we did in this game. The result of this match can seriously influence our final tournament standings, because this competition is formed in such a way that the teams begin fighting for overall places right from the start in the group. It's likely to be hard to compensate these lost points.

– How can you explain a big number of yellow cards that your players were shown?

– Four-five yellow cards throughout entire game is a low number. I wouldn't say we played roughly. Yes, we tried to be aggressive, but no more than that. And it's not in my rules to discuss yellow cards or any other decisions of the referee. I didn't see that situation with a red card whereas the referee was there close. It only seemed to me that there was no rough intention. It all happened because we didn't play till the end in some episodes, didn't put all our energy into the duels and didn't catch the game rhythm. Estonia started to play passes, controlling the ball and we ceased to catch up and began to foul.

– Were the players that we saw today the best starting eleven?

– Yes, in general. There might be two-three players who stayed in Latvia and who could get into this team. But overall you're seeing our core line-up here.

– Does your team have players that are candidates to the first national team?

– I think every team has such players. We have players, especially in the attacking line, who became top scorers in our national Championship. Gutkovskis and Ikaunieks, for instance. Though I wouldn't predict whether they become players of the national team or not. It all depends on their growing-up period, on the club they will be playing for. Almost the entire national team consists of international players. So the guys need to be developing.


Martin Reim, Head coach of team Estonia:

– First, I want to thank the organizers of the tournament for the invitation. The middle and end of January are two-three weeks after vacations and it's always a difficult time which we should make use of to prepare for the season. The Commonwealth Cup is very convenient for it! And I thank very much the opponent for the game. It's always a joy to win over the neighbors. I'll note that we have many new players now. And, however, I am very glad that today we showed our best skills, were able to control the ball, created many scoring moments, which is all very good for Estonian national team! The players may not be in the peak of their fit now, but I am satisfied with my players' perspectives.

– Today your number 10, Kevin Kauber, had a very bright play! He scored, and he was named the best player. Does Team Estonia have any problems with forwards now?

– Yes, he is a very gifted player. He is the only one of his age who plays abroad. But he has very little playing practice. And this tournament is that place where he can compensate this. His strong sides are that he is always able to find advantageous position, he is a very sharp attacker and he is able to pass the opponent. And today he scored a goal almost alone.

– You substituted him, however. Why?

– We have another player for this position who can also reinforce the play. We wanted to refresh the attack.

– And generally, how many players who you wanted to take into the team have you really managed to bring here?

– We are aiming now at youthification of the first national team in Estonia. Five players from my team have already been called to play there, though only in friendly matches so far. So we left them in Estonia and brought the reserves here who will probably cover the vacant positions. Now it's the beneficial time when we can look through the closest reserves.


#3 Latvia – Estonia

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