Published on Thursday, 14 January 2016

raz 9518The Peterburgsky SCC hosted a press conference dedicated to the XXIV Commonwealth Cup, a traditional international football tournament.

Nikolay Pisarev, the Russian U-21 team head coach, Pavel Belov, the Deputy Head of the Committee for Sport, Boris Vakhrushev, the First Vice-President of the Interregional Union of Football Federations "North-West" and Dmitry Shneider, the Tournament Director, shared their vision on the upcoming competition.


In his introductory speech, Pavel Belov congratulated the organizers of the Commonwealth Cup with the recent successfully held Granatkin Memorial wishing everyone to reach even higher level of organization during the second tournament in SCC in January.

Boris Vakhrushev also thanked the organizers and the media for the informative coverage of the Valentin Granatkin Cup. As for the upcoming Commonwealth Cup, Vakhrushev noted that this tournament always attracted attention of FIFA and UEFA top management and also that the competition format had to be corrected in the nearest future.

Dmitry Shneider supported the latter opinion asking the media to get involved into discussions and share their opinion, stressing out that in every endeavor it is important to move forward and to make improvements constantly.

The Commonwealth Cup has been held since January 1993. Up to 2011 the best football clubs of the Post-Soviet countries participated in the tournament, and afterwards, following the decision to change the Commonwealth Cup format, the U-21 national teams replaced the clubs.

The current Russian U-21 national team arrived to the competition three days ago and got a chance to hold several trainings on the pitch of the SCC already. Nikolay Pisarev shared his explanation on why the team came so early:

We thank the organizers for arranging everything we need. The trainings are going on as planned. We were getting used to the pitch and also getting to know the players better. Due to various reasons, we were unable to invite here about twenty four U-21 national team candidates. You shouldn't put a barrier on the young players' way to satisfy their ambitions to get into A-teams of their respective clubs that are having their mid-season camps now. If the best clubs of Russia want to see them close, then this fact can only bring happiness. As a result, the lineup of the national team this year is mostly formed with the players representing the FNL and the PFL leagues. We have a great opportunity to see them in action. Everyone has the right mood to give everything they have on pitch and to make the spectators happy with our bright and entertaining play.

In the end of the press conference, the journalists were offered to watch the U-21 team training and to talk to the players and the coaching staff.


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