January 17th, 2016, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 150 spectators

Best players: Stanislav Pavlov, Danu Spataru

Post match comments


Serik Abdualiyev, Head coach of team Kazakhstan:

– I congratulate everybody with the Commonwealth Cup start. I think the game was equal, and it was played till a goal. Team Moldova was lucky to convert their moment. We had been warned before the game that their team was good and mobile, and this turned out to be true. But the most important thing is human factor. Our guys came onto the pitch and devoted themselves to the game 100%, but they lost. I congratulate Moldova with the victory.

– Today we had an excellent goalkeepers' duel – if it hadn't been for them, the score could have been bigger and it's difficult to say who could have been the winner. How would you evaluate the goalkeepers' play?

– Yes, the goalkeepers were the best today, that's why we called Stanislav Pavlov the best player in our team. Moldova has an excellent goalkeeper as well.

– The game wasn't rude, though there were several yellow cards. Were the fouls mostly because of the tiredness or couldn't your players catch up with the opponent anymore?

– These are emotions. The guys seem to be adults, but they are still children and can't cope with emotions. They were striving for win, and the desire was too strong, but they failed. We all know that time of a football player is short. So we don't play rude, for we don't want to harm anyone. But due to emotions sometimes we play a little bit rougher and here is when you get cards. Besides, the first match on the tournament is also an excitement.

– Have you seen the play of your group opponents and who looks stronger, in your opinion?

– We've got a very even group. Kyrgyzstan is an interesting team, technical and fast. Belorussians show their athletic football in English style. And I think it will not be clear who is going to take which place till the very last group match-day.


Danut Stelian Oprea, Head coach of team Moldova:

– We had a very good game today. It was interesting. We knew that the opponents had come earlier than we to prepare for the tournament. But thanks to our dedication and a bit of luck we managed to convert our chances. We liked the opposing team and I think they will show themselves on this tournament. And I thank each of my players for working hard till the end of the match.

– Is it possible to say that the goalkeepers made the result?

– Yes, it's possible to put it this way. We are happy with our goalkeeper and we also admired the skills of the opposing team's goalkeeper. Our coaching staff is really delighted that our goalkeeper caught drive and played brilliantly. Today was a good day for him. We were mostly thrilled by his play during the free kick taken by Kazakhstan. It was a beautiful save. And, yes, I agree the goalkeepers made the result.

– You were playing on attacks in the first half, but it didn't bring success and you went back a little in the second and managed to score. Was it you who changed tactics or was it the players who got tired and gave up initiative to the opponent?

– This was our tactical move. We wanted to have more possession and to dominate on pitch. We managed to execute this and to create chances. But afterwards we decided to play counter-attacks and this brought results.

– Did you have a chance to watch your other opponents playing? In your view, who can compete with your team?

– Yes, we were watching our opponents and we can say that the teams in the group are equally strong. It's difficult and it's too early to highlight anyone. It's possible that everything will be decided in the last round-robin matches and these games will define the standings. All the teams are good.


#2 Kazakhstan – Moldova

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