Published on Wednesday, 21 January 2015

news 20150121David NOTOANE: "World Cup – 2010 influenced significantly on South African football".

There is not only interesting to talk to David Notoane the head coach of U-20 of Republic of South Africa at official conferences of Commonwealth Cup (and even after in informal interview), but very useful – especially for journalists with a pessimistic attitude to life. The tutor of the most exotic national team of the tournament literally shines with positive vibes. At the same time, communicative and cheerful Notoane is disciplined and very precise in wording. However he is very passionate talking about football and his team. So, our press centre couldn't help to pass by.

– David, we were waiting forward for your team to come to the tournament, moreover with Jacob Lekgetho from Locomotive (rest in peace), Macbeth Sibaya from Rubin and 2-meters height Matthew Booth from Krylia Sovetov playing in Russian Championship and leaving a precious memories in the fans hearts. Have you ever met that third personally in RSA?

– Not only I have, but even played with all of them, to be more precise – against them – in notoane 01the Premier Soccer League of RSA Championship. Matthew Booth, for example, is from my homeland region – we are both from Cape town. I played against him in last years of my career when he was just starting his own. Concerning Sibaya – in fact, it was me who also influenced on his transfer to known European club Rosenborg of Norway Championship. In further I was also participating in his transfer to your Rubin. So, as you can see I am closer to Russian football then you could imagine before (smiles).

– So, if you played right against Booth who is midfielder it means that you were...

– That is right! I was forward. I loved scoring. I've started in Santos (we do have our own one in RSA just as in Brazil). Unfortunately, our club was always about surviving and fought for his place within the strongest. One season I spent in Supersport UTD. They proposed conditions, still the club itself was overcoming difficulties. Then I got back to Santos and caught my lucky star – they've gained good financial base, team was strengthened with good newcomers and we became the Champions of the country! Further we earned one more trophy – RSA Cup. These were my best playing years and I am very thankful to Santos. So I try to pay back to my club with my coach work preparing good young players.

notoane 02– You've played for Santos and coached for it in further. Football world sees this turn over within a single club to be pretty cool!

– Absolutely agree – that is pretty cool (laughs). My gratitude has no borders – concerning Santos football specialists noticed me in university team and giving me a chance to act in a big football; concerning European manner of our championship and love to physically strong players – coaches let me attack despite my «wrong» height and weight. But I was very fast on the pitch (smiles).

– Soon, in 2018 Russia will host next World Cup. We just can skip the question about how did it influence on your country in 2010.

– That is very hard to overestimate the significant meaning of World Cup for my country. I can say we had a real football revolution. The championship itself was a great celebration for an enormous number of citizens; moreover we improved our stadiums facilities for everyone to be able to see the best football in the world. When the celebration was ended, the time to analyze commenced. notoane 03Coaches got a great field to think over after seeing not only the best teams acting on the pitch, but also the aspects of game preparation. Now we impart that European discipline our players lack to have before World Cup – 2010. So it influenced a lot – we have a continuing spur of our football progress.

– At last, we want to ask not a serious question. Senior national team of RSA often shows a good football, scoring in first half but usually loses its domination at the end, makes mistakes. So they lost with Alger within the current RSA Cup with 1:3, leading in the second half with 1:0 and failing to score penalty kick... Won't the cheerful and light manner of South Africa character transfer to needless levity?

– That is a good question – very actual not only for our national team but for all African football. We see it even here, within the great and useful tournament in St. Petersburg. We have that problem. I urge all the players not to seek for adventures on the pitch or asking referee for fouls after a standard power struggle. That will give nothing useful. On the contrary, after 2 or 3 incidents referee may stop reacting even at the real fouls. I remind them that victory is not only the score but the won fights, speed ups, better playing position. The local one, but it is. That is very important to change the preparation of players from the roots.notoane 05 There are a lot of details: nutrition, training regime, mental stability... I always say them that «we do have chance to move to Europe, but they don't need players with the technique only. They need physical preparedness and self-confidence. That is a mix to play on highest levels».

– The serious attitude is vital in professional football. But it seems that team singing and energetic music before match will never leave your dressing room!

– Of course! We are from South Africa – we do love singing and dancing.

Interviewed by Alexander Kuzmin and Timur Mamonov.


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