Match № 9

The match № 9 (group stage), third tournament day


January 18th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Anton Anopa, Kirill Bolshakov, Nail Seyfetdinov

Latvia: Kurakins, Stuglis, Berenfelds, Flaksis (c), Tidenbergs (Vitolnieks, 89), Kirilins (Dobratulins, 87), Gutkovskis (Litvinskis, 78; Indrans, 90), Slampe, Krusatins (Svarups, 55; Ivanovs, 90), Sadcins (Regza, 64), Klimasevics

Head coach: Dainis Kazakevics

Kyrgyzstan: Shikin, Iusupov (Eshimov, 82), Umarov, Kozubaev (c), Sharsheev, Duishobekov, Sagynbaev (Israilov, 71), Akhmataliev (Baratov, 80), Temirbaev (Bokoleev, 59), Musabekov, Kudaiberdiev

Head coach: Mirlan Eshenev

Goals: Tidenbergs (56), Kozubaev (82)

Failed penalty kick: Gutkovskis (53, goalkeeper)

Yellow cards: Sadcins (57), Stuglis (62), Regza (70)

Red card: Regza (75, 2nd y.c.)

Best players: Eduards Tidenbergs, Tamirlan Kozubaev

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After match comments

Head coach of team Latvia Dainis Kazakevics:

– This game turned out to be very difficult for us. I can't say that there was any surprise for us because we saw the match Kyrgyzstan – Moldova. Our opponents maid a good impression: team with a good technique, trying to play with the ball. That was the reason we failed much in the first half. All scoring moments we had were only with free kicks. We had a problem in transfer from defense to attack. First half was messed but in the second we managed to make certain conclusions, began to use free zones and took the initiative. Then there was a time of characters checking. For the first we failed a penalty kick and it could strike us heavily in psychological aspect. For the second the player came with substitution got two yellow cards that transformed to the red one automatically and we remained in minority. In the match of two equal teams it is obvious that the opponent received the advantage. It is logical consequence that they could level the score at once. At the end I will say that in general I'm satisfied that my players showed their characters and spirit, but there are many claims by the game. Separately, I want to note the team of Kyrgyzstan. All the years I have seen this team, this squad is probably the strongest. It was very interesting to play against them. I wish them sincerely success in the games and good progress!

– Will it be a problem for you to have a disqualified player and will you punish him somehow?

– The main punishment for him is his fault that left us in minority and the lost victory as the result. They are young guys. It is bad that the rule: "We need to study with faults of others" does not work and we study with our own mistakes. For sure we will discuss this situation, will speak with the player, but we won't punish anyone. I believe the main reason was the desire to show one's best. As for the problem of the lineup, we have rather plain squad and there are players who will be ready to substitute this position. I don't think that this moment can make any problem for us.

– Question about penalty kick. Was your player over excited?

– Gutkovskis always does penalty kicks. He does it well. Productively. Today the reason of his failing – bad technical performance. Maybe his desire to score a goal on the Commonwealth Cup influenced. He talked about it in interview before this tournament and promised to score. I believe in my players. We have a strong squad and we can support each other in difficult situations. We are looking forward already for the next not a simple match with Moldova. It will be interesting football.

Head coach of team Kyrgyzstan Mirlan Eshenev:

– I am full with emotions! From one hand we have scored back, from the other we had some domination during the game. Before the game I've told players that we can play equal with European teams. I think they believed me. I'm disappointed that we failed to realize all the moments we had. That's happened because we do not have high quality strikers yet. Plus, as I've said we lack self-confidence.

– Last game captain Israilov was injured. You were saying that he is a leader but today he joined the match at the end and captain was Kozubaev. So, is he a leader or a captain?

– Concerning Israilov, we haven't let him to the lineup because we didn't want to risk with his health. And we do have two captains and two leaders. I can't divide them. They are not concurring; they cooperate and work for team.

– Are they assigned or chosen?

– They were chosen by staff. And indeed they are respected by all the players.

– Some teams have opportunity to send their players to trainings to leading football countries. How do you measure your progress?

– First of all, our Federation's attitude to football. We started to go to good training camps, even with football clubs of world class. Players are becoming more confident then – they have opportunity to train next to the stars, that's a great motivation!


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