Match № 8

The match № 8 (group stage), second tournament day


January 17th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Vasiliy Kazartsev, Rashid Abusuev, Andrey Runov

Estonia: Aland, Vihmann (Tekko, 61), Aloe (c) (Paju, 82), Paur (Marin, 46), Hanson (Saarts, 63), Purg, Peetson (Kauber, 46), Gussev (Kirss, 46), Juhkam, Sobtsenko (Suurpere, 72), Magi

Head coach: Martin Reim

Belarus: Vasiliuchek (Scherbitsky, 83), Shestilovsky, Yablonsky (c) (Juk, 66), Yanchenko, Chernyshov (Juditsky, 71), Klimovich (Lebedev, 46), Karpovich, Tesluk (Yarotsky, 54), Poznyak, Milevsky (Yevdokimov, 46), Zinovich (Ignatenko, 56)

Head coach: Igor Kovalevich

Goals: Yanchenko (4, 14), Lebedev (52, 81)

Yellow card: Aloe (77)

Best players: Kevin Aloe, Alexander Yanchenko

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After match comments

Head coach of team Estonia Martin Reim:

– I congratulate my colleague with the victory. There were two different teams on the pitch today. We lost in all components today: in mobility, in speed, in play with the ball and without it. We let in the goal very fast and then one more time. We couldn't come back to the game. It was very comfortable to play for our opponents.

– There were many changes in starting lineup comparing to the first match. Do you give some rest for players or there is another reason?

– I want to give possibility to play the more players as possible. I knew that team of Belarus is strong enough and has a high level of skills and it would be more difficult to play with them than in the first match. So, there is a possibility to let everyone play and compare them. Not only coaches but players also have to learn with defeats and make conclusions. We wanted to play with the ball but there was necessity to take fast decisions, make passes. Once we got the ball the next second we lost it. So it is impossible. It spoiled our attacks development, didn't let us to make scoring moments. I'm an optimist, but I hate to lose. Defeats if they occur can be useful. We need to search positive aspects in it.

– You have participated in previous tournament of Commonwealth Cup. How do you like the pitch this year, some people say it is very slow?

– If you do not watch Estonian game, the pitch is slow (smiling).

Head coach of team Belarus Igor Kovalevich:

– The first game with Turkmenistan was tough, just after we came. We failed to do things we wanted to. Now we have corrected the mistakes, made conclusions. We did the game, controlled it. I think we won fairly.

– You've said that you had your first game just after you came. But it felt like it was harder to play with Estonia...

– Estonia is a good team. They are organized, and as Martin said that is an issue of psychology. To let in two goals on 4th and 14th minutes – that is hard. That is why it was easier to control the game. Score never shows the true game. That is just as it happens in football.

– You've substituted goalkeeper? What was the reason? Did you want to keep him positive leaving the pitch with no missing ball?

– That is a first time the young man was called to a national team. I wanted him to feel the atmosphere of match. Score gave us an opportunity to substitute.

– At the end of the match there were some conflicts between players on the pitch. Is it worth to stimulate tough play in such young age?

– No, it isn't worthy. That was my fault, I am sorry. It was emotional.


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