Match № 7

The match № 7 (group stage), second tournament day


January 17th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Vladimir Seldyakov, Sergey Karunenko, Yuriy Yarushkin

Finland: Eriksson, Nurmos, Viitikko (Vaisanen, 46), Yaghoubi (c) (Anyamele, 46), Lassas (Hattaka, 89), Hovi (Rahimi, 62), Aaltonen, Taylor (Kabashi, 62), Tamminen (Skrabb, 46), Tuominen (Ojala, 62), Saarinen

Head coach: Tommi Kautonen

Turkmenistan: Japarov, Annagulyyev, Hojovov, Saparov (c), Annayev (Hojayev, 69; Seydiev, 90), Akyyev, Goshanov (Bayramov, 90), Mirsultanov, Rejebov (Akmammedov, 73), Nurmyradov (Saparmammedov, 77), Kovusov (Bayov, 61)

Head coach: Akhmed Agamuradov

Goals: Annayev (7), Aaltonen (50)

Yellow cards: Hojovov (41), Nurmyradov (54), Vaisanen (54), Mirsultanov (59), Lassas (82), Saparov (87)

Red card: Hojovov (81, 2nd y.c.)

Best players: Patrick Aaltonen, Elyas Akyyev

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After match comments

Head coach of team Finland Tommi Kautonen:

– I'm really upset and disappointed right now, because I think we played bad, we could better. We took wrong decisions, did not control the ball. There was no creativity on the pitch. Nevertheless, we could break the way of the game. Mostly it has happened because of our changes during the break and substitutions after it. But I will repeat I'm disappointed, we had to create more scoring moments.

– We didn't see one of the heroes of the previous match Hattaka in the starting lineup. Moreover, you have let him come to the game only in the end of the match. What had happened?

– He played the whole match yesterday. I had to give him some rest. My task is to spread the strength of players for the tournament in order to have some reserve. I have 22 players in the team. I want to give to all of them possibility to play.

– It looked like you weren't ready to react fast for the advantage you get with a red card to Turkmenistan, didn't you?

– You are right. We need to let one more forward come to the game at once, to enforce the attack but I took a pause. I thought that my players could be arranged to more offensive play. It didn't happen. So, in 5 minutes till the final whistle I have substituted midfielder with the number 2 who had to help our team develop attacks faster.

– Why didn't we see Jari Litmanen on the coaches' bench in the game?

–He presented on the match, just set next to Chairman of our Football Association.

Head coach of team Turkmenistan Akhmed Agamuradov:

– I'm very happy with the performance of my team. I want to thank my players for this match. For sure we need to work much and much to improve. We played slowly, timidly sometimes, but I have already told that my players have potential.

–Most sportsmen are superstitious. What about you?

– Probably you are right. All sportsmen are superstitious, but I don't have any special rituals.

– You were nominal guests today but played in "home" colors...

– Yes (smiling), it was my players' initiative. They like to play in "home" uniform of green color. They wanted to play in these t-shirts even in the first match.

– You have spent 2 matches on the tournament with teams of Belarus and Finland. Please, compare these teams.

– I've already told about the strength of our group, about teams from UEFA zone. I watch all the teams as a football specialist and I can note that the level of all national teams today is nearly equal. But Belarus for sure has different football school, different approach to the game, it is obvious. They are physically stronger. Finnish players have another style, close to Netherlands one, more technical.

– In 10 minutes till the end your goalkeeper got injured and it seemed like he has asked about substitution...

– You are not mistaken. It was really so. But then everything turned to be good. He rejected his request. In other case I would substitute him for sure.

– You are rather young coach. How can you describe your relations with players?

– I'm not much older than my players, it is true. There is about 15 years difference. So, I'm more a friend for them or the elder brother. And I also talk with them as with friends. But there are no problems with subordination and discipline. All of us do the job!


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