Match № 6

The match № 6 (group stage), second tournament day


January 17th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: Evgeniy Turbin, Konstantin Zasulskiy, Dmitry Nadymov

Tajikistan: Soniev, Chakalov, Sharipov A., Juraboev, Saidov (Dzhalilov, 58), Sharipov F., Aliev (Muzafarov, 90), Ergashev, Saidkhoni, Rakhmonov, Azimov

Head coach: Alisher Tukhtaev

Kazakhstan: Pavlov, Aslan (c), Sartakov, Rudoselsky, Suley (Fedin, 46), Tungysbaev (Khairullin, 58), Shaikhov (Rodionov, 75), Tuliev, Adilkhanov (Djalilov, 54), Aimbetov, Sariev

Head coach: Saulius Sirmelis

Goal: Ergashev (51)

Yellow cards: Tuliev (67), Sharipov (90)

Best players: Jahongir Ergashev, Miras Tuliev

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After match comments

Head coach of team Tajikistan Alisher Tukhtaev:

– We have won that means the match was good enough. But there were problems. It is always pleasant to win and I thank team of Kazakhstan; they have shown very good play, it was very difficult match for us.

– Jahongir Ergashev the author of the goal is not for the first time on the tournaments in St.Petersburg. Could it be the reason he has sparkled today, he feels himself nearly at home here?

– Probably it could help. He was more confident than the others and it gave him the chance to score.

– I looked like your opponent's goalkeeper played not very confident today. Didn't you ask your players to use it?

– We haven't seen team of Kazakhstan till today's game and we didn't have any information about them. We had some corrections after the first half, but I can't say that the goalkeeper of Kazakhstan is weak or unconfident. It was just the matter of luck that was on our side.

– You have made only 2 substitutions today, the second one was obviously tactical, on 90th minute. You do not make the rotation?

–Frankly speaking we had micro injuries before the tournament. The guys have not totally recovered. The result - first change I have made was by the game, second – tactical.

– Have you let all your strongest players to the pitch today or you have someone in reserve?

– All the strongest were on the pitch today. I will say one more time, there are some injuries that prevent players from match.

– You have a great support today! Can you tell some words about you fans?

– Anywhere we come, we have our fans there. It is always pleasant to play with such kind of support. It gives additional strengths and emotions.

Head coach of team Kazakhstan Saulius Sirmelis:

– I would like to congratulate the opponent with a victory. The first game is very nervous as it always. The opponent scored first using a chance in the game. That is okay. We haven't realized our moments, they have. Further, we had nothing to lose. But to compare the team playing today with the one playing last year – the previous was stronger. There were experienced players participating in Premier League, today's ones are playing generally in double. I am sure you can imagine how to play for double and the level of football there. However those who play in Premier League looked weaker today.

– At first glance you don't seem to be a severe coach. Who are you – dictator or democrat?

– No, I am not a dictator. The thing is that the players are in the stage of growing mentally and it is needed to give advices and to guide. The discipline is very important and if a player fails to follow it I need to be tough. But I don't think I am as a sword of Damocles. They should learn by themselves and make conclusions.

– It seemed that your players are afraid to play tougher. Was it because of the lack of grown up football experience?

– Including that. We can't avoid tough football in Premiere League while we can in Youth one. So, the transfer from one level to another is not an easy thing for some players. However this childish football should fade away.


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