Match № 33

The match № 33 (for the 3rd place), tenth tournament day


January 25th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators

Referees: Roman Chernov, Dmitriy Zhvakin, Roman Milyuchenko

Belarus: Vasiliuchek, Zalesky, Yablonsky (c), Zolotov (Yuditsky, 66), Yanchenko (Pobudey, 69), Chernyshov (Yarotsky, 59), Klimovich (Lebedev, 46), Tesluk (Minko, 46), Poznyak, Milevsky (Yevdokimov, 46), Zinovich (Juk, 73)

Head coach: Igor Kovalevich

Turkmenistan: Niyazberdiyev, Annagulyyev (Seydiyev, 77), Hojovov, Saparov (c), Kovusov (Akmammedov, 54), Saparmammedov, Annayev (Hojayev, 72), Goshanov (Bayov, 46), Bayramov (Kabayev, 61), Nurmyradov (Rejebov, 69), Berenov

Head coach: Ahmet Agamuradov

Goals: Milevsky (30), Yablonsky (47, pen.), Yevdokimov (64), Yarotsky (82)

Yellow cards: Poznyak (55), Yablonsky (67), Berenov (67), Yanchenko (69), Saparov (85)

Best players: Alexander Poznyak, Yhlas Saparmammedov

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After match comments

Head coach of team Belarus Igor Kovalevich:

– It was a good match for us, we showed a good football. In general, we spent the whole tournament on a high level, excepting probably the match with team of RSA. We haven't lost even one match and to my mind everything was as it supposed to be.

– Igor, what preliminary summing up can you make? What are your plans for the nearest future?

– I'm quite satisfied with the results of the tournament. In the course of the whole tournament our national team head coach was with us and watched us. We consulted him all the time and considered his advice when rebuilding the game. Some things we managed and some failed, but the guys are studying, trying their best. What for our further plans, I've already said that we have the core of the team here and two players waiting for us in Minsk. Regarding the lines, I have more questions to the defense, more precisely to the central defenders. We tried to experiment, but so far haven't decided which combinational scheme is most correct. However, I'm grateful to my guys for their devotion and the power of their character.

Head coach of team Turkmenistan Ahmet Agamuradov:

– I want to congratulate my colleague with the victory and bronze medals f the tournament. I can repeat what I have said before: team of Belarus is one of favourites of the Commonwealth Cup. I'm sure they deserve a higher place. The result of our match is obvious. My team was not ready to play fast all 10 days of the tournament. I want to apologize to our fans for the last two defeats; moreover, we have let in as many goals in that matches as in all the matches before on the Commonwealth Cup.

– Why did it happen, how do you think?

– I think our players are tired not only physically but emotionally also. Probably some players have a thought they have achieved much on this tournament. It is not my complaints on them, but it is not often when my team gets so high in the tournament table, and here they were already participants of semifinal. I repeat, I do not blame my players: Finland and Belarus are stronger obviously. We received goals in those matches from placed kicks. It broke us in the game with Finland and today also.

– You have called Belarus a favourite of the tournament. What was your plan for the game against them today?

– We have to believe in victory, think about good result always. The plan was one: to find right motivation for players, set them up for a positive result. Especially it was important due to the big defeat in the last match. I told to my players: there are no strengths and powers left but you have to try to play worthy. We have point to improve in technical, in tactical and in physical aspects.

– Simultaneously with the Commonwealth Cup there are two big world championships underway: Cup of African Nations and Asian Cup. Do you manage to watch the games?

– I don't have time to watch the games, if only the clips on results of a day. And at that I pay more attention to the Asian Cup, for we are representatives of Asian football. Speaking about the levels of African football and ours, I'm sure we've entered a new – a higher – level. And if there were a possibility for the two Cups Champions to meet in a match it would be a match between two deserved opponents.

– How do you esteem the playing of your two goalkeepers?

– Bad. I'm not satisfied. None of the goalkeepers shows the playing we need. The first one seems the most gifted but, unfortunately, has no playing practice. He studies here, in Russia, and he plays only for his University. Of course it's not the level. The second goalkeeper is a young guy, he has much work ahead. So far he makes lots of mistakes. For instance, the unnecessary goal from Finland which he failed to save. Today's goalkeeper also doesn't have playing practice. He is only third goalkeeper in his club.


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