Match № 32

The match № 32 (for the 5th place), tenth tournament day


January 25th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 550 spectators

Referees: Andrey Fisenko, Ivan Kasyankov, Andrey Runov

Russia: Lantratov, Jivoglyadov (Fomin, 60), Kirisov (Bogaev, 84), Ovsyannikov, Morgunov (Yevseev, 65), Bukia (c), Makarov, Yakuba, Hodjaniyazov (Kuftin, 46), Kurzenev (Parshikov, 86), Kozlov (Yaschuk, 70)

Head coach: Nikolay Pisarev

Kyrgyzstan: Shikin, Iusupov, Umarov, Kozubaev, Sharsheev, Duishobekov, Bokoleev (Baratov, 55), Akhmataliev (Momunov, 80), Musabekov (Eshimov, 90), Kudaiberdiev, Israilov (c) (Temirbaev, 61)

Head coach: Mirlan Eshenov

Goals: Kurzenev (19, 72), Kirisov (42), Umarov (70)

Yellow cards: Hodjaniyazov (38), Kozubaev (74), Kudaiberdiev (74), Bukia (90)

Best players: Alexey Kurzenev, Akramzhon Umarov

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After match comments

Head coach of team Russia Nikolay Pisarev:

– By the speed and movements of the players it was obvious that it was the sixth match for ten days. Players were tired and they had no strengths even to run especially in the end of the match. We found motivation, we were defeated by Kyrgyzstan on the group stage; that is why we had to win today. We did it.

– Can you estimate the play of Yevseev and Hodjaniyazov on the whole tournament?

– Let's speak about the game. Yevseev played a bit less than Hojaniyazov, but they both need to improve. They are going to a training camp with Zenit. They need to play in the main lineup of their club and I wish it to them sincerely.

– I have a question about Denis Yakuba. He made many mistakes but spent the whole match on the pitch. Is it so hard to find left defender in Russia?

– No, it is not. To my opinion, he played not a bad match. For sure he has some faults but main reason is his unreadiness. He is ready for the moment just for this level of performance. He can improve.

– In this case, please, estimate the fifth place of the team on this level of readiness?

– We could play in the Final. I remember the quarterfinal when we had advantage and were better. We have put the aim – victory on the tournament. It is the fourth time the Commonwealth Cup is holding this format, and three previous years the finals were with our attendance. It is a pity that we failed to do it this year.

– Don't you think that the decision of referee to adopt the third goal has broken the match? Will the score 2:1 be more fair?

– Let's consider we have won 2:1. Just realize one thing: referees are the same participants of the match, as players and coaches. They can mistake also. You think the referee was wrong, I think he was right. We can go and watch the video repeat and define if there was a foul or not. But if referee failed I don't think he wanted to break the game. What for? He is a participant f the match, of football action; he is a man and has the right to mistake.

– Is there any player in this team who has a chance to stay in the national team?

– You are watching the Commonwealth Cup not for the first time, you know that two or three players usually stay in the youth team. It will be the same this year. I won't name them but I've noted the players already.

– And does your team have somebody who will not be invited to the national team anymore?

– How can I answer? Yet... No, there are no such players. The main thing is playing in clubs. If they play in clubs they get to the national team. That's why I'm very sorry about Pavel Mogilevets. He has to play. I'm worrying much about him. I hope he will play.

Head coach of team Kyrgyzstan Mirlan Eshenov:

– Last game, it's all over. We have confirmed our philosophy of game today. We understood that we can play with any team. It's a pity that we failed to realize our moments. But our main task was no to cede the ball to the opponent. We didn't succeed it much, so the Russian players managed to score three goals. I don't comment on the referees, though it seemed to me there was a foul at the third goal. But I may be mistaken.

– In the last match of team Russia you managed to lead two scores; now it reverted to the contrary and you were losing two scores. What was worse comparing to the group stage match?

– Actually we had at least two moments for scoring. But we haven't scored. Our realizing ability failed. Add to this the lack of experience and the pressing we got.

– Could you sum up your team's playing in the match and in the whole tournament. Is the sixth place achievement or a fail for you?

– It was one of the training stages for the Asian Cup. And there is obviously a progress in playing. I'm glad. I want to thank my guys for having complied the tasks we set for them. In every game. They've given everything, all their forces. I thank them for that. Kyrgyzstan previously didn't qualify the group, this was the first time, and it will help us. I refer to both the children's and youth football as well as the Olympic football. And perhaps the national team, too.


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