Match № 30

The match № 30 (match for the 9th place), ninth tournament day

MOLDOVA – LATVIA 1:1 (1:0) pen. 6:5

January 24th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Ivan Saraev, Sergey Karunenko, Vsevolod Zharikov

Moldova: Mitu, Razgoniuc, Graur (Burlacu, 66), Birdan, Spataru (c) (Paireli, 83) , Macritchii, Rogac, Cemschi, Semirov (Ciofu, 75), Lakusta (Ursu, 46), Dulgheru

Head coach: Igor Ursachi

Latvia: Viksna, Berenfelds, Flaksis (c), Tidenbergs (Vitolnieks, 70), Kirilins, Ivanovs (Svarups, 69), Gutkovskis, Slampe, Sadcins (Regza, 83), Klimasevics, Indrans

Head coach: Dainis Kazakevichs

Goals: Semirov (30), Flaksis (75, pen.)

Yellow cards: Tidenbergs (12), Indrans (51), Ursu (71)

Best players: Dmitry Semirov, Andrejs Kirilins

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After match comments

Head coach of team Moldova Igor Ursachi:

– We had another chance to meet Latvia on this tournament. When we watched the match Latvia – Lithuania and thought about our next opponent, we wanted to meet Lithuania. Latvia looked as a more skilled team. I considered the way our game could go and we tried to cover our weak sides and play with strong ones. We had the territory for our fast attacks and while there were strengths we managed to score a goal. Then the opponent started to press us and the time for substitutions has come. I'm happy that we didn't let in the playing goal. Were there penalty or not is not important. The main thing – opponent failed to score from the game. Penalty shoot-out is a lottery always and it is pleasant that the balance noded to our side. I must note: no matter what place we have played for, the opponents were deserved. We could possibly play for higher places, even in the Final, it wouldn't spoil the quality of the game.

– Is there any difference in penalty shoot-out in the match for the ninth place and in the Final?

– We have trained penalty kicks. We just knew that there was a possibility to occur. We had to win. Do you know why? Have you noticed who came to strike the 6th penalty kick? Red-haired! He was in the list of the first five strikers but I put him the sixth. He wasn't even offended, just came and scored.

– Can you remember the brightest moments of the Commonwealth Cup?

– Each game is a separate bright moment. We lost none of the matches. Now we will shout for the team of Finland. If they win it will turn out that we are the only team that wasn't defeated by the winner. If they lost it means we performed even better, we didn't lose a game (laughing). It will be a good result for us, a record I can say.

Head coach of team Latvia Dainis Kazakevics:

– In general this match was very similar with our first game. The difference was that both teams played not from the defense but in attacking football. Team of Moldova was more active in the first half and we were not happy with our performance. There was a serious talk in changing room. In second half we managed to score a goal, though it was not playing one – it was a penalty kick. We wanted to score more but didn't manage it. I must say that there were no sharp moments. For sure we had a ball possession, territorial advantage but I can't say we had five 100% moments to score. As for penalty shoot-out – this is a question of emotions. That one who has the stronger nerves, better luck and higher skills will win. Both teams have scored 5 first kicks and unfortunately we have failed sixth. The whole tournament I can estimate with the positive sign. We were playing till the end, thinking about the quality of playing. It was useful for us as a stage of preparation to Youth European Championship.

– Is there any difference in penalty shoot-out in the match for the ninth place and in the Final?

– There is difference for sure. The tension is different. When you play for the 9th place and for the 1st the excitement is different. In playing moments this pressure is not so sound. There is excitement always in the game, but the players with high stress level are calmer in penalty kicks and make it more confident. In the Final, in the match for the first place everything can change.

– The was an impression that till the scored goal your players do the task to "come to the goal area". They played well in centre, came to the goal area and stopped. The were no finals in the attacks.

– It was so in the first half. We were aggressive in the attack but we lacked the charge in the final stage. There were sharp moments but the quality of it were not good enough. In the third part of the match we lacked the quality actions of forwards but when they have appeared we lacked realization. This is the certain difference between first and second halves of the game, we could improve this aspect. I want it to improve in the final strike or the pass to the goal area. We have lost only one match in the full time. Only one. But we won only one also. It can't be so. If there were no draws we could play for higher places. But we missed 3 main players in attacking line who couldn't come here.

– You have started to play with two high forwards and there were many passes on them. But neither Gutkovskis nor Svarups could catch even one high ball.

– But one of our high forwards earned the penalty kick. We let them play not only for head-playing. They are both good in dribbling. They had to receive passes in spaces and in the end in the case of final rush they would be useful with their height. But we failed to rush. We failed to pass high balls in final pressure. So we come back to the quality of the last pass. Forward needs a good pass to play with his head. This is the aspect we have to improve.

– Can you remind the most bright moments of the Commonwealth Cup?

– You know we nearly reached these bright moments. We nearly scored in the match with Russia. If we had scored it would have been a bright moment. If we had scored penalty kick in the match with Kyrgyzstan it would have been another bright moment. There was a need of second goal in the match with Moldova when we were leading 1:0. The bright moment could have been there, but it didn't occur.


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