Match № 3

The match № 3 (group stage), first tournament day


January 16th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: German Kravchenko, Ivan Kasyankov, Rustam Muhtarov

Belarus: Vasiliuchek, Shestilovsky, Yablonsky (c), Yanchenko (Yevdokimov, 46), Minko (Tesluk, 46), Lebedev (Klimovich, 59), Chernyshov (Pobudey, 58; Juk, 89), Karpovich (Zolotov, 46), Poznyak, Milevsky (Yarotsky, 69), Zinivich

Head coach: Igor Kovalevich

Turkmenistan: Japarov, Annagulyyev, Hojovov, Saparov (c), Annayev (Kabayev, 73), Akyyev, Goshanov (Kovusov, 58), Mirsultanov, Rejebov (Bayov, 81), Nurmyradov, Berenov

Head coach: Ahmet Agamuradov

Goal: Tesluk (54)

Yellow cards: Yanchenko (33), Mirsultanov (48)

Best players: Oleg Yevdokimov, Mekan Saparov

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After match comments

Head coach of team Belarus Igor Kovalevich:

– I am not really satisfied with our team actions, but taking into account that is our first game – I am sure we will develop. We had some issues today, but still we earned 3 points.

– Last year you took 3d place at the tournament. What task you set now?

– That is not to lose why we came. Thus, we will try to perform at least not lower than we did. The task – be the best in the group.

– There is no Savitsky well performed last year in this line-up. Why he didn't come?

– He plays for Polish Jagiellonia. Club didn't let him go. Obviously he is an important player for us – that is a big loss.

– Last year there were a lot of injuries in your team. Did you take any measures to prevent the same this time?

– Last year we had not enough players for total application. Then we announced only '5 players. So we've brought 22 players to lower risks.

– You substituted back today. What happened?

– Pobudey case? We decided not to risk. He plays for second devision of Belarus. Very useful player. He has a bright future. We just tried him in the game, and took back. We have a lot of good players in squad. For example Yarotsky from Grodno club, now he plays for Dinamo Minsk.

Head coach of team Turkmenistan Ahmet Agamuradov:

– The main impressions: guys reached the goal, even with a negative result. During the preparation I told them to play defensive football with a fast counterattacking, not with standard positions. Unfortunately, we let in the ball. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with team actions and I would like to congratulate team Belarus with an earned victory!

– Did you managed to gather all the players you wanted to?

– The thing is that I was appointed to be a coach just recently. Thus, e brought the ones we had time to find. We have a lot of guys we watching. That is the closest reserve. We are trying to get to know each other.

– Can we say that you are not following the tournament aims in the Commonwealth Cup?

– We are realists. The level of the opponents is very high. All the teams are from the UEFA zone. The aim maximum for us is to get out from the group. If we will manage to do so – that is what success for us. We always set aims, it is impossible to play without any.

– That is not the first time you on the Commonwealth Cup?

– No, I came here in 2012 as a coach assistant, in 2013 as a part of officials.


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