Match № 28

The match № 28 (semifinal), eighth tournament day


January 23rd, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 400 spectators

Referees: Vasiliy Kazartsev, Rustam Mukhtarov, Kirill Bolshakov

Turkmenistan: Berdiyev, Annagulyyev, Hojovov, Saparov (c), Saparmammedov, Annayev (Seydiyev, 81), Goshanov, Bayov (Akmammedov, 82), Rejebov (Akyyev, 40; Kovusov, 58), Nurmyradov (Hojayev, 84), Berenov

Head coach: Ahmet Agamuradov

Finland: Virtanen, Hattaka (Aaltonen, 84), Viitikko, Yaghoubi (c), Lassas (Tuominen, 86), Hovi, Voutilainen, Anyamele (Nurmos, 89), Hradecky (Saarinen, 80), Ojala (Taylor, 56), Rahimi (Soiri, 69)

Head coach: Tommi Kautonen

Goals: Hatakka (30, 65), Hovi (54), Yaghoubi (80, pen.)

Yellow cards: Rahimi (42), Yaghoubi (58), Bayov (70), Saparov (79)

Best players: Hoshgeldi Hojovov, Dani Hattaka

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After match comments

Head coach of team Turkmenistan Ahmet Agamuradov:

– I congratulate the opponent with qualifying to the Final. It turned out that our group was the strongest on the tournament, three teams out of it came to the Semifinals. I'm disappointed only with the defeat with such a big score. But our opponent was obviously stronger.

– What was the reason for the substitution in 5 minutes before the break and then in 10 minutes after the break you bring that player back to the bench?

– The player you are talking about is from our main lineup. He got injured last match and couldn't recover totally. He said he was ready to play and I let him to come to the pitch, he is a very important player for our team. On the pitch it became obvious that he was not ready.

– Weren't you ready for starting rush of the Finnish team?

– We were ready and knew about it. But physically our players have already worked out their maximum. They lacked strengths to resist the opponents. Our reserve also couldn't enforce our playing because we have only young players and they are not ready still to replace our main lineup.

– There was an impression that you have caught the initiative just before the first goal and you were about to score. What has gone wrong?

– You are mistaken; it was only your impression.

– What has this tournament given to you without paying attention to the final result?

– Participating semifinal is already a great success for us, especially after our results here in previous years. I think, in spite of big defeat in semifinal, the estimation of my team has to be positive. The tournament of such level is a great experience for young players and a certain step forward in their playing careers.

Head coach of team Finland Tommi Kautonen:

– Excuse us for the victory. (Laughing in press-centre). I'm satisfied with the fact we participate in this tournament for the first time and already have qualified to the Final. As for the game, I can divide it into two parts. In the first half we failed to do what we planned. We had 2-3 good rushes but in general players stopped in front of defensive line of Turkmenistan. I have the opinion that we held the ball too long. We managed to change a bit our game in the second half. We started to control the game more. Also I should note that the opponent was tired because of the constant pressing. I appreciate team of Turkmenistan; it is a well-organized, disciplined squad. They didn't give up playing and I thank them for this.

– Third goal was scored beautifully and surprisingly. Long distant kick from the centre of the pitch. Was it an improvisation?

– It was a surprise for me also. But it shows the good vision of the pitch of our central defender. Goalkeeper went out from the gates to 16 meters point, Hattaka has noted this and stroke. The execution was brilliant I must say.

– What about the penalty kick, was it a usual execution for this player?

– It is also unusual situation. I can name it brave improvisation.

– Have you seen the match of RSA and Belarus and do you know the antidote from fast African players?

– It is obviously not enough time to talk about everything but you can ask me about it on Sunday morning, I will answer.

– Your player with number 7 took initiative very often, but to my mind he was holding the ball too long. Is it his duty as a captain of the team and do you think he acted well?

– I agree with you, I have also noted this and for sure it is not his captain's duty. He must improve the play of the team, play smarter, and we expect him to do so on Sunday. If he holds the ball too long, he makes problems not only for himself but also for his partners. In spite of the fact he is one of the best players on the tournament to my mind, we will talk to him about his actions.

– What this tournament has given to you without paying attention to the final result?

– For this season of a year this tournament is very useful. 6 international matches are that certain experience our young players need to get. In their Football Clubs they do not have the opportunity to get international practice, so they have a brilliant chance to get it here. For the second, this tournament allows us to spend a long period of time with players of national team and teach them our vision of football, the way the national team is used to play. We give them much data, analyze matches and check how they can cope with this information.


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