Match № 27

The match № 27 (semifinal), eighth tournament day


January 23rd, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Referees: Vladimir Seldyakov, Nail Seifetdinov, Ivan Kasyankov

Belarus: Vasiliuchek, Ignatenko, Shestilovsky, Yablonsky (c), Yanchenko (Milevsky, 71), Minko (Chernyshov, 46), Lebedev (Klimovich, 68), Yarotsky (Tesluk, 55), Yevdokimov (Zalesky, 78), Karpovich, Poznyak

Head coach: Igor Kovalevich

Republic of South Africa: Msibi, Seriba, Mathabela, Madisha (c), Leepile (Domingo, 82), Ngubo (Monamodi, 65), Maraisane, Modiba, Farmer, Masiya (Williams, 87), Luthuli (Boikanyo, 59)

Head coach: David Notoane

Goals: Klimovich (74), Madisha (90, pen.)

Yellow cards: Yablonsky (82), Zalesky (87), Shestilovsky (89), Klimovich (90), Boikanyo (90)

Best players: Vladislav Vasiliuchek, Motjeka Madisha

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After match comments

Head coach of team Belarus Igor Kovalevich:

– Both teams spent a good match. I'm sure it was spectacular for everyone: guests, audience, organizers. Team of RSA is a very trained squad with good technical performers. It was hard but we have obeyed the plan, players executed my instructions. We almost won this match. I'm too emotional now but in general I'm satisfied with my team. I have no complaints to my players.

– In the very beginning you asked Yevdokimov if he was all right. Is he injured?

– He didn't catch the game and was out of team play. Sometimes it happens. We had no right for mistake and I asked him if he needed substitution.

– But you didn't substitute him...

– I didn't, because he began to play better. So, the rest of the match he showed his best.

– Your players were higher than their opponents in this match but why there was no certain advantage in this component?

– South African team is well prepared physically, strong squad. They have good jumping ability and could level their lack of height by this feature.

– What plans do you have for this team? Will there be any changes in the lineup?

– Plans are common. There will be drawing procedure for European qualification on 5th of February and we will know our opponents in the group. As for changes, I think you have seen about 70% of the main lineup. We have another two leaders: Korzun and Savitsky and other talented players. I always say that the doors of national team are opened for everyone! It is honourable to play in national team, for the national emblem of Belarus!

Head coach of team Republic of South Africa David Notoane:

– This game proved to be named semifinal by its emotions, tension and passion. All matches on this tournament require much of energy. I have thanked my players after the match, told them, that they deserved this victory.

– Usually you are very calm on the bench but today you were nervous. What was the reason?

– There is a tension always in semifinal. It is normal to be nervous during such matches. Our players couldn't show their best in first 30 minutes of the match, then we managed to level the game. But relaxed for a moment and let the opponent a chance to score. In the end we scored back and it was the result of the whole team's actions.

– Did you train penalty shootout yesterday?

– Yes, we had some time to train penalty shootout yesterday. We decided to define a range of players who can strike penalty kick confident and cool-headed. As you could note it was useful.

– Your captain rules the team in a high-tuned voice. Is it his special ability?

– For sure it is a peculiarity of his voice. He is a real leader of the team and he is my voice on the pitch.

– For the time you have spent in St. Petersburg, have you had a chance for sightseeing?

– We came here several days earlier than other teams. We had the time to adapt to cold weather and go sightseeing. St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city for sure. We came here to play football but there is a strong desire to see more interesting places.


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