Match № 26

The match № 26 (for 5-8 places), eighth tournament day


January 23rd, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Stanislav Vasilyev, Dmitriy Zhvakin, Roman Milyuchenko

Tajikistan: Soniev, Sharipov (c), Juraboev (Muzafarov, 82), Sharipov (Safarov, 52), Aliev (Rakhmatov, 79), Ergashev, Saidkhoni, Abdugaforov, Dzhalilov (Saidov, 53), Rakhmonov, Azimov

Head coach: Alisher Tukhtaev

Kyrgyzstan: Shikin, Iusupov, Umarov (Saliev, 87), Kozubaev, Sharsheev (Sardarbekov, 90), Duishobekov, Bokoleev (Baratov, 64), Sagynbaev (Temirbaev, 46), Akhmataliev (Eshimov, 75), Musabekov (Levchenko, 86), Israilov (c) (Momunov, 82)

Head coach: Mirlan Eshenov

Goals: Kozubaev (5), Akhmataliev (18), Bokoleev (54), Rakhmonov (90)

Yellow cards: Rakhmonov (89), Eshimov (90)

Best players: Bakhtiyor Azimov, Akhlidin Israilov

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After match comments

Coach of team Tajikistan Alisher Khakberdiev:

– I want to congratulate my colleague with the victory. What for the game, when you've lost you are not satisfied neither with the playing nor with the results. We are going to revise the match to look for mistakes and their reasons.

– What have you failed at the initial stage?

– We let in a fast goal and the guys went down. It's not the first match that we give the opponent a head start and can't get back to the game. The guys got upset. We let in second goal and are not able to collect ourselves together anymore. That's our psychology.

– Maybe your team just finds it difficult to get motivated for these games?

– There is always a motivation, even if you go on the pitch for a friendly game. Motivation must always be. And here our neighbours-friends-rivals are playing, the game was for the 5th position, this should have been an additional motivation. We are the national team. Our motivation is always play to win. Another question is how to play and what tactics to chose.

– Two goals out of three scored in your gates came due to the goalkeeper's mistakes. Why have you chosen him?

– He is our strongest goalkeeper, even at trainings. He's our regular goalkeeper, for we don't have a better one at this age.

– Does your team have any variants of enforcing the attack?

– At the moment the best players of this age are those we've brought. You've seen yourself – the guys come from substitutions and try their best but can't improve anything. Our attacking line is fast and we wanted to take advantage of it, but we didn't manage.

– Do they get involved in individual playing too much?

– Yes, precisely. Very much. We ask them all the time to play on passes. We've got some positive points, but more of the negative ones. One of them is involving in individual playing. Even our first national team's head coach Mukhsin Mukhamadiev says we need to get rid of the personal involvement. We will work on it.

Head coach of team Kyrgyzstan Mirlan Eshenov:

– I'm satisfied today. I want to thank my team. We have one more chance to play against Russia and it is good for us, because the experience of playing against a strong opponent will be very useful. I like the way we controlled the ball and our goals we have scored today, they will make our forwards confident. They managed to score before – not only on the tournament but in the training camp also. I'm happy that they scored these goals; it will help them to improve. Thank you.

– The score became 2:0 very fast. Was it your plan or just the players started very successfully?

– We made pressing from the very first match. We try to suppress the opponent from the beginning. The fact we used it successfully makes me happy.

– Could you play this way with Finland and why did the team let in the goals in every match?

– I can say that I am glad that we have let in today. When you play against a big country it is hard not to miss. As for Finland, we had the game and we played well. But counterattacks of our opponent were stronger. We lost only 0:1. I'm not very disappointed that we failed to come to quarterfinal. I'm satisfied with my team for 80-90% today, the way they play, the way they improve.

– How is going on with improvement of the attack?

– I have told already that we lack a sound forward. As you could note our players play only one half in this position. They are 95-96 y.o.b. That is why we can strengthen only central zone.

– You will play with Russia again. Are not you afraid that you won't be able to defeat them one more time?

– I just want to play with a strong opponent. We are preparing to Asian Cup and we have to train the moment when the opponent is stronger, works with the ball faster, has the passes sharper and we will run without the ball most of the time. Players have to know the tactical actions they must do. We need these moments and that is why I wanted to play against this team.

– But will you have a thought somewhere on behind: one time we have won, there is a chance to repeat it?

– For sure, the whole team will have this thought. We will put this certain aim. If we cope with it – it will be success. If we don't cope – we will make changes. We have to feel this during the match: what weak points we have. Such a game will give us the opportunity to do it. We do not have performers in offensive line – we do know about it. The match against Russia will help us to find different weak points in team play.


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