Match № 21

The match № 21 (quarterfinal), sixth tournament day


January 21st, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators

Referees: Andrey Fisenko, Rashid Abusuyev, Andrey Runov

Tajikistan: Soniev, Sharipov A. (c), Juraboev, Sharipov F. (Rakhmatov, 65), Aliev, Ergashev, Saidkhoni (Muzafarov, 77), Abdugafarov, Dzhalilov (Saidov, 68), Rakhmonov, Azimov

Head coach: Alisher Tukhtaev

Turkmenistan: Berdiyev, Annagulyyev, Hojovov, Saparov (c), Annayev (Seydiev, 90), Akyyev (Hojayev, 90), Goshanov, Bayov (Kovusov, 72), Rejebov (Akmammedov, 45), Nurmyradov (Saparmammedov, 89), Berenov

Head coach: Akhmed Agamuradov

Goals: Annayev (45), Annagulyyev (86)

Yellow cards: Akyyev (29), Nurmyradov (52), Annagulyyev (86), Sharipov A. (88)

Best players: Oibek Abdugafarov, Guychmyrat Annagulyyev

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After match comments

Head coach of team Tajikistan Alisher Tukhtaev:

– First of all I would like to thank my colleague for the beautiful football! Congratulations to the opponent's team. What for us, yesterday we managed to save the game by the means of enormous efforts and emotions which we were short of today. We have played 4 matches in 5 days. Though we had sharp moments today and sometimes we possessed the advantage, but it seems luck wasn't on our side today. Plus, we had one day less for training.

– Is there a history of opposition between you and your today's rival?

– You know, we don't have a rich history. Right, we are playing in one geographical area, but we didn't meet team Turkmenistan too often.

– You were talking quite emotionally to your supporters after the final whistle. What were you telling them?

– I thanked them for the support. We are grateful to them for their strong support whatever the course of the match or the whole tournament is.

– Concerning the supporters, we've overheard from them that Asian teams have one thing in common: playing on the drive. Who scored first wins. Do you agree?

– I don't, and my guys can witness. We always set them to win. And we fight to the end, whatever happens.

– In spite of your today's defeat your team has claimed itself. What do you consider the reason of your victories?

– Football is developing everywhere – in Africa, Europe, Latin America, or Asia. I don't think this is a coincidence or a low level of other teams we played against. First of all it is the result of a great work we've done. Not only the guys and the coaches but also our managers who direct the Tajikistan Football Federation.

Head coach of team Turkmenistan Akhmed Agamuradov:

– What expression can be of the victory? Just happiness! For us it was a really great victory. The guys have done well. Real men! They've put their names in the history of our football. From the very first day of the tournament I was saying that our today's rival, Tajikistan, in one of the strongest teams here. They are very fast, very mobile. I wasn't wrong. Of course, when you are playing against a strong rival and, moreover, winning – you experience enormous emotions. I want to thank my players, but special words of gratitude I'd like to address to our devoting supporters. Today's victory is for them and for our motherland!

– You've made an odd substitution on the 45th minute. But the odder thing was that it brought its fruits at once...

– No, it's just a coincidence! (laughing) These two facts are not connected. I made the substitution because the player was tired and because he failed to enter the game, was losing the ball all the time. Why on the 45th minute? This was purposefully, to let the other player to enter the rhythm of the match and come fully warmed up in the second half. And the goal was scored by our magnificent attacking pair Nurmyradov and Annayev.

– The scouts must have noticed your player number ten. Could you tell us about him?

– I'm often asked about him. Gurban Annayev started his career in Balkanabat. The team of this city is a multi Champion of Turkmenistan. There he got into the first team. Now he plays for the team of Ahal (Anev) where he became the Turkmenistan Cup winner. So he is a talented guy, he has the understanding of football, and he can see the game very well.

– Your next opponent in play-off will be team Finland which you've already met. Can we expect any surprises from you?

– What surprises? Do you want me to change my clothes and come on the pitch in the starting lineup? (laughing) But talking seriously, I've already said many words of apprise addressing our future opponent. It's a very strong team, though I think there are no weak ones at the tournament. This is a European team. They play a very technical football. They are disciplined players. I can guarantee we will have to work hard. But playing against them second time presents us an advantage, to my opinion. This time I know the team of Finland.


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