Match № 16

The match № 16 (group stage), fourth tournament day


January 19th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, spectators

Referees: German Kravchenko, Andrey Runov, Rashid Abusuev

Kyrgyzstan: Shikin, Iusupov, Umarov, Kozubaev (c), Sharsheev, Duishobekov, Bokoleev (Israilov, 59), Sagynbaev (Baratov, 30), Akhmataliev (Sardarbekov, 78; Levchenko, 90), Musabekov (Temirbaev, 72), Kudaiberdiev

Head coach: Mirlan Eshenov

Russia: Kuznetsov, Ovsyannikov, Kuftin, Yevseev, Morgunov, Bukia (c) (Makarov, 75), Chalov (Jivoglyadov, 46), Kurzenev (Guliev, 53), Bogaev (Kozlov, 46), Fomin (Kirisov, 46), Yaschuk

Head coach: Nikolay Pisarev

Goals: Duishobekov (45), Umarov (50, pen.), Yevseev (83, pen.)

Yellow cards: Yevseev (18), Morgunov (43), Kirisov (49), Guliev (54), Baratov (68)

Red card: Baratov (90, 2nd y.c.)

Best players: Baktyiar Duishobekov, Danila Yaschuk

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After match comments

Head coach of team Kyrgyzstan Mirlan Eshenov:

– You've seen the game was hard today. It is very pleasant that we could defeat such team as Russia. It was obvious that our opponents played with reserve lineup but we are happy anyway. For the first time we have qualified from the group on this tournament. I'm very grateful to my players for their devotion. They showed their best today, played for 100%. I thank our Football Federation, as you have seen our president is training with us. Also general secretary of Federation is always on our bench. I want to thank everybody. Thank you.

– Will you have any emotions for the next game? Today everybody gave all the best and probably exhausted.

–I do not know for the moment who will be our next opponent. But we still have the day to recover. We will prepare.

– Your staff is very friendly and rally, you discuss the game in Russian. But it is hard to hear rude words from you that are often used by other coaches. Are these all up to your good manners?

– For sure these are our manners and behavior. We have players of 95th, 96th and 97th y.o.b. and the President of our Federation seats next to them, how can he admit even the one rude word?

– You have told that your aim on this tournament – to qualify from the group. It is done. What aim will be next?

– It is a part of preparation to Asian Youth Cup, we will have qualifying matches. So, we will continue to play and train our schemes. We'll try to make these schemes flexible.

– Russian team complains that there were only three days for preparation to this tournament. How much time to prepare did you have?

– I want to thank one more time our Federation. I will say one more time that we trained next to Zenith and Bayern in Qatar. Our Federation made it possible for us to have there a training camp. We have prepared for 3 weeks. Three days are obviously not enough for preparation. (D. Ulyanov: "We always work in such a mode. We always have only three days for preparation".)

Coach of team Russia Dmitry Ulianov:

– We were defeated, I estimate the game as unlucky. I can say more specifically tomorrow. First, we gave chance to play those who didn't, thus the lineup was experimental. Still, it doesn't spoil advantages of the opponent.

– So the reason of defeat in that line-up? Maybe there was no mood – you've already secured your play-off. Or maybe the absence of Nikolay Pisarev influenced on?

– Of course the latter influenced a lot. Head coach is a head coach. About the mood – we were only about to win. There are no matches to secure something, we didn't think about it. That's just happened – we played worse that we are capable.

– Has the previous tough game with Moldova influenced on physics of the players?

– Probably not. We all were in equal condition. The opponent also played that time. I think we were not really prepared. I don't know if the opponent was preparing, but we had only 3 days before the tournament. We need to figure everything out, but later.

– You had a lot of opportunities to score from standard kicks, but you have managed only with a penalty kick. You had no one to accomplish or you don't work on that?

– No, all the standard kicks were made by those who usually does it – here and in their clubs. Guliev, Morgunov, Evseev. They are all to make standard kicks. But something went wrong.

– Today you had only few fans on the tribunes. Maybe that also caused? Have you discussed that?

- We haven't but we will.

– Did you have a connection with Nikolay Pisarev? Or you made all the decisions by yourself?

– Nikolay Pisarev has a fever, we didn't disturb him. But I am sure he watched the game, there is an Internet broadcast.


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