Match № 14

The match № 14 (group stage), fourth tournament day


January 19th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Roman Galimov, Vsevolod Zhirikov, Konstantin Zasulskiy

Turkmenistan: Berdiyev, Annagulyyev, Saparov (c), Annayev (Saparmammedov, 89), Akyyev, Goshanov, Bayov (Kabayev, 86), Mirsultanov, Rejebov (Kovusov, 65), Nurmyradov (Seydiyev, 90), Berenov

Head coach: Ahmet Agamuradov

Estonia: Igonen, Paju, Avilov, Aloe (Magi, 69), Tekko, Saarts (Sobtsenko, 59), Kauber (Gussev, 59), Marin (Paur, 74), Sappinen (c), Juhkam, Suurpere (Hanson, 46)

Head coach: Martin Reim

Goals: Nurmyradov (34), Saarts (45), Nurmyradov (52), Annagulyyev (67)

Yellow cards: Avilov (14), Paju (17), Berenov (29)

Best players: Selim Nurmyradov, Rauno Sappinen

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After match comments

Head coach of team Turkmenistan Ahmet Agamuradov:

– I want to thank our opponents for the good game. Of course I want to congratulate my compatriots with this victory. Our participation of the last Commonwealth Cup was rather sad. There were not pleasant impressions after it. This victory is for our Motherland, for all our players. Thank to them. The mood is perfect.

– The match Belarus – Finland was spent before your game, Finnish defeat gave you a chance to take the second place in the group. Did you see the table of the tournament before the match and calculate possible positive results for you?

– For sure we knew all variants. Even we thought about the draw and possible qualifying from the third place. We keep everything in mind but we had to play for victory only. First of all we needed to win with any score and then look into schedule. The victory would open the quarterfinals for us in anyway. The most important was to win and then count the difference of goals. If there is difference of 2 goals it will be good for us. So it has happened this certain way.

– Whom do you like to play with in the next round? RSA or Kazakhstan?

– It is difficult to define who will be our next opponents. There is a chance even to get Tajikistan to play with. Frankly speaking we need a strong opponent. There is no importance who it will be. We have to accumulate the priceless international experience and it is possible only in matches with strong teams. There is a problem to get it playing only in our football zone.

– Do you know that your colleague Martin Reim is one of 12 best players in the world and the third in Europe by number of matches for national team?

– Frankly speaking I didn't see his history, but heard about it. When I was younger I watched the European football, as club one, so the national and for sure I've heard about his record.

– There was a score 1:1 before the break. What have you told to your players in changing room?

– I calmed them. It was offensive to get the goal just before the break. My task was to stabilize their temper. We had to come to the second half assembled and play the certain way to get the aim that we have reached in the end.

Head coach of team Estonia Martin Reim:

– I can't say that I'm in good mood. I congratulate opponents with the victory. We played as it was possible in our conditions. We wanted to qualify to quarterfinals, but our mistakes didn't let us to do it. We made a gift of advantage for our opponents with the first missed goal. They have easily scored it. We had 100% chances to score back but failed. Football is a sport that does not give you the victory without scored goals. We have many players who do not have the experience of such matches in a group stage of the tournament.

– You had a free day yesterday, but your players looked tired. Are these consequences of two defeats?

– No. We have some players who haven't played on the tournament yet and we had to give them chances, other players who spent two matches had to be tired. Moreover we have just come from vacations and had not enough time to catch the training rhythm. As the result everybody failed. This is not the excuse. We had to play for 30-45 minutes for sure in any case. Last year I have players with experience from the top league, this year we have guys from the youth teams and first league. They have not so much practice and it influences on the speed of the game, their way of thinking. These matches give us much information to analyze, to form the way we have to play.

– Martin, your behavior on the bench is rather silent comparing to your colleagues. May be your players need more passionate demands for better performance? Or they will stop playing if you come to the side line with demands?

– (laughing) I often think that I must come to the pitch and demand players. But it is not correct. We want players to think by themselves on the pitch. There are must be leaders who can prompt the way to act, take their own decisions. If we have played on a big stadium with crowds in the stands it would be impossible for me to be heard by the players. I give my instructions before the game, during the break and after the match. In moments when someone fails to pass or stop the ball, can't prevent sharp moment – I can shout but it is late already, the moment has already passed. They know by themselves about faults and mistakes.

– You have managed to level the score just before the break, what have you told to your players then?

– We managed to come back to the game at the end of the first half. We leveled the score. I asked players not to repeat mistakes they had made in first half. I told them we could win the match if we got the initiative, we needed to go forward. There was a desire but also shortage of skills.


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