Match № 13

The match № 13 (group stage), fourth tournament day


January 19th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Yuriy Aponasenko, Mikhail Raspopov, Dmitriy Nadymov

Belarus: Vasiliuchek, Ignatenko, Yablonsky (c) (Yuditsky, 90), Zolotov, Yanchenko (Zalesky, 64), Chernyshov (Yarotsky, 58; Pobudey, 78)), Yevdokimov (Shestilovsky, 86), Klimovich (Lebedev, 46), Tesluk (Juk, 46), Poznyak, Zinivich

Head coach: Igor Kovalevich

Finland: Virtanen, Hattaka, Vaisanen (c), Yaghoubi, Skrabb, Aallikko (Lassas, 46), Voutilainen (Aaltonen, 67), Taylor (Hovi, 76), Tamminen, Rahimi (Soiri, 46), Saarinen

Head coach: Tommi Kautonen

Goal: Yablonsky (34)

Yellow cards: Ignatenko (8), Yaghoubi (63), Hattaka (84), Pobudey (90)

Best players: Yevgeny Yablonsky, Eero Taminen

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After match comments

Head coach of team Belarus Igor Kovalevich:

– It was not a good match for us by game organization; we didn't keep the scheme of play that I have demanded. There were many unforced mistakes – we had the ball and a good counter attack would be very relevant but we gave initiative to the opponent. There were many mistakes and strange nervousness. But we have won and this is the fact. I think we will talk to players and clear some moments. I congratulate our team with the victory.

– You have accustomed us that team of Belarus pays much attention to everything, including statistics. Did you know that the draw in this match would be enough for you?

– For sure we did. But the tournament includes two main aspects: to go as much further in the tournament net adjusting players for the victory and look them through. We acted by the score in this match. Finland had to run forward and level the score; we could admit to fall back deep to defense. Thus we needed to use counterattacks. But excitement and technical mistakes prevented us from it. Yarotsky, for example, couldn't find his game and was substituted as the result.

– Question about your captain. Is he a leader of the team and did he manage to replace Savitsky from the previous year team?

– For sure he has managed. There are no doubts. They have different positions on the pitch but by the man's qualities and authority in the team – he has replaced him totally. Look how he acts on the pitch like the owner! That is why I have appointed him captain from the very beginning. Thus he had faults today.

– You were disappointed with your team's actions at the end of the first half and went to the changing room not across the field but around it. Why did you do so, to calm down?

– No, there is different matter. It is respect to football, to the pitch. You don't walk in boots at home. The same is here. I can't afford to walk in street shoes over the pitch.

– You team has already played three matches on the tournament, have you defined the certain lineup?

– No, still not. I can say we are in the process of it. There are three different matches: with Estonia we acted well; today we played worse a bit; and there was a starting match of the tournament with Turkmenistan. I have just noted some leaders for myself, at about 7-8 players, but we still looking for other variants.

– And what is about the position of goalkeeper?

– Vasiliuchek is a main goalkeeper of the team. There is a problem that I worry about: he plays in national team but he has no practice in his club. Last year he made two serious mistakes in matches with Armenia. But I believe in him. If there is the same belief in his club, he would have more playing experience. He is a good goalkeeper.

– How do you keep the players' motivation?

– Motivation? I do not raise motivation. If there is no motivation, there will be no place for this player in the team. So everyone in the team knows it.

Head coach of team Finland Tommi Kautonen:

– I'm disappointed in my players. But by the game we have played with the best opponent on the tournament that we have already had. We tried to control the ball, to play with passes but Belarus made the tough defense. We needed to create more, to play with high-quality and try to use different methods to break the defense of the opponent; moreover the absence of the last pass – that are our main problems.

– Today you have included a new player in starting list. Please comment it!

– Pyry Soiri is from our national team reserve. We have change because the previous player from this position had to move for viewing to German second Bundesliga.

– You have changed a lot your starting lineup comparing with last match. Was it an experiment or you are disappointed with players' actions?

– We have 6 matches in a very short period. We have to think about physical conditions of players. There are some small injuries and tiredness but anyway we need players for all six games.

– Number 7 acted roughly today, got the yellow card, weren't you afraid of the second card for him? There was a risk of disqualification.

– It is his temper. He is very emotional player. Two years ago he would receive his red card for sure. We have worked with this component and he began to realize the importance of his actions.

There are always such players in football and there is a risk to have a red card, but I take this for myself.


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