Match № 12

The match № 12 (group stage), third tournament day

RUSSIA – MOLDOVA 2:2 (0:2)

January 18th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 3500 spectators

Referees: Aleksey Sukhoy, Roman Milyuchenko, Ivan Kasyankov

Russia: Lantratov, Jivoglyadov, Kirisov, Lisinkov, Guliev, Bukia (c) (Morgunov, 46), Makarov, Yakuba (Yaschuk, 46), Hodjaniyazov, Kurzenev (Yevseev, 46), Kozlov (Bogaev, 67)

Head coach: Nikolay Pisarev

Moldova: Mitu, Ciofu (Cemschi, 76), Rosca, Burlacu (Graur, 54), Razgoniuc, Birdan (Andronic, 90), Rogac, Semirov (Macritchii, 59), Spataru (c) (Paireli, 58), Dulghier (Dulgheru, 71), Lakusta (Ursu, 46)

Head coach: Igor Ursachi

Goals: Rosca (9), Rogac (39), Yevseev (49, pen.; 90)

Yellow cards: Guliev (10), Birdan (10), Andronic (10), Semirov (59), Macritchii (67), Graur (90)

Best players: Alexander Morgunov, Mihai Rosca

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After match comments

Head coach of team Russia Nikolay Pisarev:

– I have an inconsistent impression after this match. We started imposingly, tried to win this match, saving forces, with skills only. But nowadays you can't defeat any team only by skills. We needed to start the match with a full strength from the first minutes. We were afraid of our opponents' free kicks. We lack the team play and we have to think about the lineup. We will correct these mistakes. We got two goals from free kicks, then it was difficult to break very tough and saturated defense. All teams are skilled enough today to make a good defense. But we have governed heroism (smiling) and saved this, looked hopeless, match. We will analyze the reasons of it. Friendly matches are very useful for such corrections, trying new guys, train some playing schemes.

– What have you told to your players during the break and how useful did it influence on the game?

– First of all we explained players the way they need to act in order to break the saturated defense. Additionally we have made substitutions. I think that substitutions influenced much and refreshed the game. The next match will be tomorrow and we will let other guys to play. We have to check some different combinations. We don't have any other possibility for it and we use this tournament as a chance to show themselves to everyone. Today three players that came with substitutions managed to refresh the game, to my mind.

– Tomorrow you will play against Kyrgyzstan. Did you analyze the play of this team and what tactics will you choose for that game?

– From defense (laughing). Talking seriously, we saw some moments of their match with Moldova. It is difficult for me to say something right now. We need to watch our game in order to define the lineup. There are some players we need to give playing practice. Also we need to check who will be recovered by tomorrow. There is still some time left. We play matches two days in a row and it is important to define lineup properly in this situation. That will be the point. For sure, Russia is a favorite in such matches. We won't stay in defense.

– Evgeny Markov didn't play today. What had happened with him? Will he play later on the tournament?

– No. He was injured. Clavicle. He won't play on this tournament.

– Did the lack of team play that you have mentioned cause a large number of technical actions at the end of attacks, especially in second half.

– We had three trainings and it is difficult to adjust passes in such a short period of time. The guys just got acquainted with each other and it is difficult to build a team play. Moreover we had many substitutions, changed three players at once today. That is why there is no sense to talk about complete play. We played mainly by individual skills.

Head coach of team Moldova Igor Ursachi:

We planned to play this way and it is amazing we managed to. The game became interesting. We understood that Russia is a strong opponent. We tried to counterattack but failed, when the standard position worked. We started to lead, spend a lot of energy on defense. So we hadn't enough till the end of the game. That was totally unnecessary penalty kick. I don't understand why midfielder tackled if the opponent was leaving the goal area with his back to goals. That is the lack of experience. At the end we failed to play to keep the score. Those four minutes of added time – the one wasn't enough. If he would add three minutes we would probably win with a sensation.

– And 2:2 is not a sensation?

– I think that is a sensation too, we are satisfied.

– Which goal is more offensive? The penalty kick that brought Russia back to the game or the one on the last minutes to spoil your victory?

– Of course the last one. For any team, the goal on the last seconds is a hard hit. But there is nothing that coach can do. I've tried strengthen the team with substitutions but the players were tired. Russians were good – they figured out the situation and took right decisions. We had a moment at the end, but failed to realize. Left leg would bring the score, but he uses right leg and fails to hit the goals.

– You scored two similar goals. Was it prepared or that is a coincidence?

– I hadn't enough time to prepare something. I just tried to explain how I want them to play. We had not enough lessons – couple for 10 minutes. I think we are lucky.

– You were preparing for the battle? You've received 2 cards to 9s minute.

– Of course, I prepared them for the game. If I didn't we will just lose with shame and relax (laugh in audience). I managed to reach them with how to play. If you want to achieve something – a little bit of luck, a little bit of tutoring – and here is it. I am satisfied. I hoped Russians will not be in good physical conditions. Otherwise they would destroy us. Thanks to the mood we managed to refresh the game and get the result. It sad we didn't't get till the end.


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