Match № 11

The match № 11 (group stage), third tournament day


January 18th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 1000 spectators

Referees: Roman Chernov, Aleksandr Shimarygin, Rustam Mukhtarov

Tajikistan: Soniev, Chakalov (Abdugafarov, 61), Sharipov A. (c), Juraboev, Saidov (Dzhalilov, 64), Sharipov F., Aliev (Muzafarov, 79), Ergashev, Saidkhoni, Rakhmonov (Rakhmatov, 87), Azimov

Head coach: Alisher Tukhtaev

Republic of South Africa: Mkhize S., Seriba (Mkhize K., 46), Madisha (c), Moerane, Liphoko (Monamodi, 21), Leepile (Boikanyo, 66), Ngubo, Luthuli, Domingo (Mathabela, 83), Lourenco (Maraisane, 68), Williams

Head coach: David Notoane

Goals: Madisha (26), Monamodi (38), Domingo (50), Rakhmonov (72, pen.)

Yellow cards: Abdugafarov (75), Rakhmonov (86), Maraisane (87)

Best players: Abdurasul Rakhmonov, Motjeka Madisha

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After match comments

Head coach of team Tajikistan Alisher Tukhtaev:

– It was a hard match for us. Team of RSA is a very good and joyful squad. The World Cup of 2010 gave a great impulse for the sport development, especially football, in this country and today we can see the obvious results.

– Why didn't you change the starting lineup at all after the last match?

– I have already mentioned that we have several players with small injures. For the first sight they are not very serious but still prevent our guys from matches.

– Your team was good enough at the beginning of the match, sometimes you have played over opponents. Did you have lack of strengths then?

– The problem is different. When everything is going fine our guys run forward. After the missed goal – got fused. After the scored goal – got awakened. They play very emotionally.

– Do you have confidence before the next match?

– Any team plays only for the victory, for the good result. Our squad is not an exception. Me personally and our staff adjust our players only to win before the game. We can't play different way with such a support on the stands. By the way I want to thank our fans who always find the time to come and support us. We heard their voices for the whole match even when we were losing and when we have scored also.

Head coach of team Republic of South Africa David Notoane:

– Today we have played with a very good team. We analyzed their match and knew they are tough enough and have sharp counter attacks. So I changed the approach to the game comparing with last match.

– Do you have any idols in football and what football style do you prefer?

– Football is a world game. It is useful to take world general trends in football and involve them to your own style. The main thing – to search talented players, grow them up and teach the culture of South African football. I have studied for coaching in our country. To my mind the base of our football tends to be from Netherlands. So my favorites are Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten.

– It is not rear when national teams use some irregular methods for preparation and trainings: some involve football stars to the coaching; others let the players to training camps in Brazil. Do you also have some creative aspects?

– We do train our players in our own way and do not have any problems with preparation. We have good players on this tournament, may be they are not the best from the best of our country, but they also have potential. One of the main trends of our preparation is to teach players the European discipline.

– If you receive the invitation to the friendly match with Tajikistan, will you come to our country?

– For sure. It would be very interesting and cognitive. Football is a perfect game that unites. Few days ago I did not know even where Tajikistan is situated on the world map; I know nothing about their culture, about football in this country. But yesterday I while preparation to the match I learnt much new for myself. And today I got proves that Tajikistan team has a very technique and skilled players. I emphasize tactics and discipline of this team so I can repeat it will be interesting to play with them again.

– Today you have arrived to the stadium with dances, later the whole team has sung in the changing room. What was that? You have sung also?

– It is our African style. We like to sing and dance. Songs and dances bring joy to life. If you don't have money in your pocket you still can sing and be happy. It is the way we rally our team. I hope our style if harmless for everyone.

– We have already spoken about development of football in RSA. What other kinds of sport are popular in your country?

– Football, cricket, rugby are the top three I think.


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