Match № 1

The match № 1 (group stage), first tournament day


January 16th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Nikolay Voloshin, Pavel Malyutin, Mikhail Raspopov

Moldova: Mitu, Cemschi, Dulgheru, Graur, Rosca, Macritchii, Bejan (Semirov, 54), Ursu (Lakusta, 82), Spataru (c), Andronic (Birdan, 89), Paireli (Ciofu, 69)

Head coach: Igor Ursachi

Kyrgyzstan: Shikin, Iusupov, Umarov, Kozubaev, Sharsheev, Duishobekov, Bokoleev (Temirbaev, 61), Akhmataliev (Levchenko 90), Musabekov, Kudaiberdiev, Israilov (c) (Sagynbaev, 43)

Head coach: Mirlan Eshenov

Goals: Spataru (71), Sagynbaev (81)

Yellow cards: Dulgheru (75), Andronic (85)

Best players: Danu Spataru, Farkhat Musabekov

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After match comments

Head coach of team Moldova Igor Ursachi:

– The first game on this tournament and the match has turned out tough enough. It was obvious that guys needed to get used to everything on the pitch. They were ill at ease. I have supposed from the very beginning that the match would go in this very way: there would be many fights, struggle on every part of the pitch. I was afraid that opponent would try to catch us with counterattacks. We have made several changes during the break and it gave the result. We could finish this match with the victory but unnecessary free kick, when we lost concentration for a while, and Kyrgyzstan team leveled the score! It's a pity but this happens. We must not fall apart. We will prepare for next matches.

– We saw the head coach of your main national team on the stands Alexandr Kurtean. How do you hold the contact with him? Did he come to your changing room?

– I know that he presents here. But we just came and everything is in the mess. Frankly speaking you have reminded me about him and for sure we will meet after this press conference.

– After your team has scored the goal, the guys fell back and let the initiative to the opponent. Was it intentional?

– No, vice versa. We understood that we got the advantage. We just lacked the experience. The team has gathered not so long ago. And I couldn't inspire confidence our players. As for the game, to my mind referees "loved us" a bit more and put us into the frames. We could win this game. At the end of the match we ran forward and had the opportunity to score, but failed it. So we accept the result as it is.

– Do you think the final score is fair?

– Yes it is a fair result. IT was obvious that the guys still didn't work as a team. There was no fast transfer from defense to attack.

– Captain of your team Danu Spataru had already been invited to the main national team and played in the official qualifying match of European Championship. Can you comment his play today?

– I can say he played well, scored a goal. Nevertheless, he still has to improve, it is not his level. I think by games he will increase his performance.

Head coach of team Kyrgyzstan Mirlan Eshenov:

– It was a hard game for us paying attention our long flight here. We had only 6 hours to recover. I think we can be satisfied with the draw. In general our players has obeyed al the instructions

– At the end of the first half captain of your team was injured and substituted. How seriously is injury?

– I have just spoken to our doctor. He calmed me down; our player would be ready for the next game. The fact is that he (Israilov – ed.note) is the real leader of the team and that is why he has the captain's bend. So the loss of him would be a problem for us.

– Team of Kyrgyzstan is a constant participant of Commonwealth Cup. Last year your colleague told us about absence of concentration on the first matches. This year you have shown pretty confident football...

– I want to thank our Football Federation for the training camp in Qatar. There was a high level of organization; we have spent several friendly matches. We have trained near the "Bayern" Munich, "Zenith" St.Petersburg. All of this made our players confident for sure. For the moment our main problem is physical conditions of players. But it can be corrected. I think we can come to a certain level of play.


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