Accreditation of media

Media accreditation process is implemented on match days at the press-center of SCC Peterburgskiy (Gagarina prospect 8, subway station "Park Pobedi").

To get your accreditation you need to:

PSKK 2012 plan cokol press

- Enter SCC Peterburgskiy from the side of main facade via "Accreditation" entrance;

- Show tournament administrator your editorial identity card and get your pass to press-center on the socle floor of the complex;

- Get your accreditation from secretary of press-service at Media working area.

For Media 2 types of accreditations provided:

«PRESS» - allows Media representatives to enter press-center and on special seats of sector 4 of the Main Tribune.

«TV/PHOTO» - allows to make video and photo filming at «photo» areas next to the pitch.

Attention: to enter zones near the pitch for filming of opening and closing ceremonies you have to take special bibs from the secretary of press-service.

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