Schedule of matches

Group division:

Group «А»: Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova

Group «В»: Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Tajikistan


12:00 #1 Group A Belarus – Kyrgyzstan
14:15 #2 Group A Kazakhstan – Moldova
16:30 #3 Group B Latvia – Estonia
18:30 Церемония открытия турнира
19:00 #4 Group B Russia – Tajikistan
12:00 #5 Group A Moldova – Kyrgyzstan
14:15 #6 Group A Kazakhstan – Belarus
16:30 #7 Group B Tajikistan – Estonia
19:00 #8 Group B Russia – Latvia
12:00 #9 Group A Belarus – Moldova
14:15 #10 Group A Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan
16:30 #11 Group B Latvia – Tajikistan
19:00 #12 Group B Estonia – Russia
11:00 #13 Match for the 7th place

4А – 4В

13:15 #14 Match for the 5th place

3А – 3В

15:15 Match of the veterans

Russia – St. Petersburg

16:30 #15 Match for the 3rd place

2А – 2В

19:00 #16 Final

1А – 1В

21:00 Tournament Closing Ceremony

The tournament is held in two stages.

On the first stage, the eight participating teams are split into two groups (Group A and Group B) with four teams in each. A round-robin format is used on the first stage of the competition, when each team plays one match against each of the other teams of the same group. The standings on the first stage are defined by the total number of points awarded to the teams in all group matches (a win – 3 points, a draw – 1 point, a loss – 0 points).

In case two or more teams are awarded with the same total number of points, additional indicators define the group standings in the following priority:

• by the result of a head-to-head match (amount of points, difference between scored goals and conceded goals, number of goals scored);

• by the best goal difference in all matches;

• by the biggest number of goals scored in all matches;

• by the smallest number of disciplinary penalties (yellow card – 1 penalty point, red card – 3 penalty points);

In case all the above indicators are even, the group standings are defined by the toss.

On the second stage, the teams determine their final tournament standings in head-to-head matches:

• the group winners play with each other in the match for the 1st and the 2nd places;

• the group runners-up play with each other in the match for the 3rd and the 4th places;

• the group third-placed teams play with each other in the match for the 5th and the 6th places;

• the group fourth-placed teams play with each other in the match for the 7th and the 8th places.

In case the match is drawn on the second stage, the winner is determined by the series of penalty shots in accordance with the procedure described in the Laws of the game.

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