Match №7

The match № 7, group stage, second tournament day


January 19th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Vladimir Seldyakov, Aram Petrosyan, Dmitri Safiyan

Estonia: Meerits (к), Baranov, Indermitte, Mets (Ingerman, 46), Кkulinich, Raudsepp, Metsa (Leokin, 70), Kalumjae (Lepistu, 46), Lepik (Liivamjagi, 46), Unoljainen (Anier, 46), Kaze (Meel, 59)

Head coach: Martin Reim

Belarus: Saroka Ar., Sazanovich, Klapotski (к), Kavaleuski, Rochau (Sihnevich, 65), Pramudrau (Lehchylin, 60), Pushniakou (Novik, 70), Rajabau, Valadzko (Bombel, 55), Savitski, Saroka An. (Bykau, 39)

Head coach: Alexei Vergeenko

Goals: Bombel (77), Anier (78), Bykau (87)

Yellow cards: Indermitte (19), Indermitte (22, 56), Sazanovich (53), Klapotski (72), Meel (81), Lepistu (90)

Red card: Indermitte (56, 2nd yellow card)

Best players: Hannes Anier, Bombel Artur

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Estonia Martin Reim:

– It's a pity not that we've lost the game but that yesterday and today we'd being playing almost equal to the opponent during the whole match. But as soon as we let it the goal in the end of the game, we've been defeated. Today in the first half we let several new sportsmen play. But I was not satisfied by their performance. I think they are not skilled enough yet to play in the national team. One of our sportsmen was sent off and that was only his fault. That's totally incorrect behavior on the pitch – and it impacts the team. But unfortunately sometimes it happens with Nikita (Baranov – editor's note). The reason of it is the lack of physical preparation. He doesn't keep pace with the opponent's actions and makes mistakes. We will discuss it with him. We have one game ahead and we are preparing for it.

Head coach of the team Belarus Alexei Vergeenko:

– The main thing that I'd like to admit in this game is the positive result. We still have a lot of work to do. In the first half I couldn't recognize my players. In the second half after sending off of the opponent's player I hoped that would be easier. But Estonian sportsmen were not missing any ball and not losing any one fight-battle. What's more, they managed to score just the next minute after we did. This year the team of Estonia is a very strong opponent. However that's going to be a good experience for my players, they should feel the responsibility for playing in the national team. They should work hard and feel proud of getting chance to play for their country. This is the only way we can achieve good results.

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