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The match № 6, group stage, second tournament day


January 19th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: German Kravchenko, Aleksey Alekseev, Aleksey Krokhin

Moldova: Koșelev, Prodan, Carp, Bogdan, Svedul (Jardan, 61), Solomin, Zasavitchi (c), Rata (Matei, 61), Anton (Focsa, 83), Cociuc (Patic, 71), Milincianu (Nemerenco, 75),

Head coach: Alexandr Сurteian

Turkmenistan: Geldiev, Komekov (Kurbanov, 66), Saparov, Soyunov, Italmazov, Astanov (Atamyradov, 80), Orazaliev (Tanayev, 46), Tursunov, Annasakhedov, Muhadov, Durdyyev

Head coach: Rovshan Muhadov

Goals: Durdyyev (56), Milincianu (60), Solomin (63)

Yellow cards: Solomin (13), Italmazov (20), Durdyyev (26), Patic (90), Bogdan (90)

Best players: Carp Catalin, Durdyyev Didar

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Moldova Alexandr Сurteian:

– The first match is always uneasy. The atmosphere is different, not what the guys got used to. The game was difficult, but by the mood – it was interesting. We scored the goals. We were lucky and managed to score more than our opponent. However both teams had some interesting scoring moments. The first ten minutes of the match we were playing well, following the game scheme. But then there came the time when the players just wanted to play with the ball and to score the goal. As a result, they started losing the ball, though we forbid them to play this way. But the guys are young; they don't care about that. During the break we talked to players, explained what they had to do and they started playing better. What's about substitutions, I have the game scheme in my mind. There are 20 players in the team, not 11. I know when one player should change another to strengthen the game. Those who came to substitute have done it.

Head coach of the team Turkmenistan Rovshan Muhadov:

- I agree with my colleague, first matches are always difficult. First ten minutes the players we nervous and couldn't play normally but then calmed down and the game equalized. We even managed to score but Moldova used more scoring chances than we did. We had to go forward, to take a risk but we failed. Nevertheless, we let in two goals within three minutes and it had an impact on the players. They were disappointed. All in all, that's normal for young players to lose concentration. At the time of the second goal the goalkeeper made a mistake and finally we lost the game. That's a pity.

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