Match №4

The match № 4, group stage, first tournament day


January 18th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 3000 spectators

Referees: Aleksey Matyunin, Andrey Vereteshkin, Aleksaandr Bogdanov

Russia: Isupov, Knyazev (Zuev, 46), Nikitin (c), Semenov, Mitrishev (Obukhov, 89), Bolov (Panyukov, 64), Podberezkin (Ambartsumyan, 46), Kayumov, Bocharov (Vasilyev, 60), Golubev (Nikitinskiy, 75), Makhmudov (Lambarskiy, 79)

Senior coach: Nikolay Pisarev

Uzbekistan: Amanov, Shamshitdinov, Yuldashov, Fomin, Makhstaliev, Kozak (c), Abdumuminov (Olimov, 90), Iskanderov (Rekun, 85), Yusupov (Khakimov T., 59), Sergeev, Ubaydullaev

Head coach: Akhmadjon Musaev

Goals: Kozak (10), Lambarskiy (11), Bolov (30, pen.), Iskanderov (39)

Yellow cards: Yuldashov (32), Zuev (48)

Best players: Vladimir Kozak, Magomed Mitrishev

After match comments:

Senior coach of the team Russia Nikolay Pisarev:

– The game was fine, and I'm glad that we've got into one group with team Uzbekistan. They have a good team work. They are prepared better in both tactics and physics. We gathered only three days ago, everybody came from vacations. But we played in spite of everything, and we carried off well, although we could let in in the end; the draw was quite natural. We had to make all the seven substitutions: that was done to give everybody chance to play. Some of the players even asked to substitute them. However, I promise you that we will be gaining power.

Head coach of the team Uzbekistan Akhmadjon Musaev:

– That was a good game. Thanks for inviting us for this tournament. It seemed to me that the team of Russia didn't expect to meet with such a strong opponent as we were. They didn't apply all their efforts to this game. However we also played well.

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