Match №32

The match № 32, match for the 5th place, tenth tournament day


January, 27, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Sergey Kulikov, Oleg Veselovsky, Andrey Bolotenkov

Kazakhstan: Pavlov, Amirhanov (Levin, 58), Kogabaev, Pasichnik, Pikalkin, Ajaganov, Ulshin, Baurgan, Islamhan (c), Murtazaev (Grigoriev, 79), Allajarov

Senior coach: Sergei Borovskii

Moldova: Koselev, Prodan, Carp (Cociuc, 70), Focsa, Svedul, Solomin (Matei, 59), Zasavitchi (c), Rata, Anton, Jardan, Nemerenco (Patic, 89)

Senior coach: Alexandr Сurteian

Goals: Solomin (47)

Yellow cards: Allajarov (49), Ajaganov (62), Cociuc (71)

Best players: Igor Pikalkin, Vadim Rata

After match comments

Senior coach of the team Kazakhstan Sergei Borovskii:

– It feels that the tournament is coming to the end and the guys are run out of strength. So the game was full of fails. Before the match I asked the guys to show their best. But the players haven't heard me or just were not able to do it. Plus injuries and red cards, so it all influences the game. Surely yellow cards must be annulled after the group stage has finished. We had two players missing the game and there was nobody to substitute them. What for the game, we made goal shots many times. But we lacked skills, so the ball went higher. It's better than an opponents' counterattack, though. In that case we would have had to rush to our own gates. And kicking we were getting a pause as the goalkeeper kicked off from the goal area, so that we had time to retreat and to form the lines. It's a pity that we let in all the goals at the tournament because of missing two side defenders - their place was taken by midfielders - and a good goalkeeper. Having enforced these positions, we would be able to play more secure. Those who played haven't succeeded.

Senior coach of the team Moldova Alexandr Сurteian:

– That was a good and interesting game. Both teams were tired, that's why the speed was not high and they've committed many mistakes. But one more time I want to say: "That wins who scores." We've done it but team Kazakhstan hasn't. In spite of the fact that we also have problems with the squad we won this match. Two our players haven't come to the Tournament. But we've managed everything successfully. Well, my tactics is to prepare players not for the tournaments but for each match. That's why, unexpected for you perhaps, we've taken the 5th place at this tournament. But I was ready for this; I was even surprised to find out that we got into play-offs. What's about the substitution of Matei for Solomin, I can say that Aleksei was tired and Sergei came into the game and took two positions at once. Yes, in attacks he couldn't always be in time but he played at his position accurately and I'm satisfied with his performance.

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