Match №23

The match № 23, play-offs, seventh tournament day


January 24th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Denis Shpilev, Aleksandr Shymarygin, Dmitriy Sofyan

Estonia: Meerits (c), Podholuzin, Baranov, Ingerman (Meel, 68), Pikk, Metsa (Lepistu), Leokin (Liivamjagi, 31), Antonov, Anier (Lepik, 90), Kaze (Indermitte, 46), Unoljainen

Head coach: Martin Reim

Turkmenistan: Babayev, Komekov (Satlykov, 76), Italmazov, Soyunov (c), Tanayev, Orazaliev, Astanov, Atamyradov (Ashyrov, 71), Kurbanov, Muhadov (Durdyyev), Tursunov (Babayev, 63)

Head coach: Rovshan Muhadov

Goals: Tursunov (45), Antonov (75), Liivamjagi (90, pen.)

Missed penalty: Italmazov (57, goalkeeper)

Yellow cards: Soyunov (13), Unoljainen (18), Komekov (22), Kaze (30), Indermitte (69), Meel (90), Kurbanov (90), Ashyrov (90)

Best players: Ilja Antonov, Kurbanov Merdan

After match comments

Head coach of the team Estonia Martin Reim:

– That was the 4th game at the Tournament and we are emotionless, just tired. It was very difficult to motivate players for the match. There should be a moment which could wake the players up, to give them energy. The penalty kick in our goal or better to say, the save of our goalkeeper has become exactly that moment. This has influenced on our players and they started running. They managed to possess the ball and succeed in defense. But, unfortunately, the opponent's team was already leading in score by that time. We needed to recoup. So my team didn't let the goal in on the last minutes of the match but for the first time they managed to score! This victory is very important and useful for the team of Estonia.

Head coach of the team Turkmenistan Rovshan Muhadov:

– It was a pity to fail this game. In the first half we had the initiative at all the sides of the pitch. If only we could score that penalty kick – we would win. So after we missed that chance, the opponents started attacking and our players lost the enthusiasm. I understood that was not good. The players are young and emotional. So if something goes wrong not everybody can control themselves, especially being tired. We needed to strengthen the game but didn't know how. 5 of my players are ill and some are injured! That's a pity! Last year our national team took the last place at this Tournament but we still have a chance for the better result this time.

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