Match №10

The match № 10, group stage, third tournament day


January 20th, 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Vladimir Moscalev, Aleksandr Dudenkov, Dmitry Zhvakin

Moldova: Koselev, Prodan (Focsa, 46), Carp, Bogdan, Svedul (Jardan, 46), Solomin (Patic, 78), Zasavitchi (c), Rata, Anton (Matei, 78), Cociuc (Nemerenco, 61), Milincianu

Head coach: Alexandr Сurteian

Ukraine: Shevchenko (Galchuk, 79), Trubochkin (Akubardiia), Pryndeta, Ryzhuk, Nasonov, Noyok (c) (Ozarkiv, 78), Babenko, Tashchy (Meskhiia, 72), Kalitvintsev (Poliarus), Karavaev (Filippov, 68), Koval (Iakovenko, 46)

Head coach: Sergeii Kovalets

Goals: Koval (33), Ryzhuk(72)

Yellow cards: Cociuc (19), Carp (67)

Red Card: Carp (82, 2nd yellow card)

Best players: Koselev Alexei, Ruslan Babenko

After match comments:

Head coach of the team Moldova Alexandr Сurteian:

– The game was good and I have no questions to my sportsmen. But we had a lack of emotions. We were not talking initiative and were playing in defense attacking we were trying not to break our defense. In the second half we changed a little bit our tactics but let the goal in and also couldn't score. There was one moment when we couldn't kick the ball right into the goal. The referee defined off-side. Nevertheless it's necessary to spot on the goal. The second moment our player came one-to-one with the goalkeeper and also didn't score. The guys wanted to concentrate on the game what we have discussed before the match. However that didn't help and only made the situation worse. But it's necessary to learn on our failures. The loss will teach better.

Head coach of the team Ukraine Sergeii Kovalets:

– The match was good. Spectators might like it. Our opponent showed a well-organized game. But we also did. We tried to play as good as possible. Surely we were lucky when there was the opponent came one-to-one with our goalkeeper. That's good that the player of Moldova team couldn't score, otherwise the score would have become equal. So as he couldn't realize this moment, we kept on leading. Only team can win and lose the match. The fact that we manage to score is the achievement of our players on the pitch. We didn't let the goal in not because of our goal keeper but because the whole team has done a good job. Though, I'd like to say one more time, the one-to-one moment was lucky for us.

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