January 19th, 2016, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 500 spectators

Best players: Parvizdzhon Umarbaev, Magnus Karofeld

Post match comments

Roman Pylypchuk, Head coach of team Tajikistan:

– I would like to congratulate my colleague with a win. This is one of those rare moments when you are happy with the game and unhappy with the result. We had a thorough preparation for this match. We knew Estonia would have a compact play leaving a lot of empty zones behind their back. Our goal was to deliver a ball to these empty zones. And that's what we were doing. It was especially evident in the first twenty minutes. We had several one-on-one moments but we could not score. We lacked skills in some episodes and lacked cold blood in the others. And after I think we got broken by the conceded goal. It's a pity we were superior on the pitch controlling the ball and having several 100% scoring chances, but we did not score!

– Could you give your comment on the goalkeeper substitution in your team?

– Unfortunately, he was unable to save our team in those moments when he had to. It had been the same with Russia and it happened today as well. Our field players had to make the moves always paying some attention to their own goals. Long shots and free kicks from 25-35 meters were especially dangerous for us, since our goalkeeper cannot fly. As for the episode with the first goal, he denies the very first shot on goal, but he does it in a way that the ball bounces right in front of him and we get a goal against.

– But is he still considered to be the number one goalkeeper in your team?

– We don't have a number one goalkeeper at all! In fact, all three our goalkeepers are of the same level. That's why this position is of the most problematic for us.

– Could we also ask you about one more player – Umarbaev? He's communicating with many of the other players on this tournament rather warmly. Are they acquainted?

– Parvizdzhon is one of the leaders of our team. He has been playing for Rubin Kazan coached by Kurban Berdyev for quite a long time and he was even close to get into the main senior team. That's how he knows many players, especially from team Russia.

– You let a player born in 2000 take part in the match today. Do you have insufficient players?

– In fact, yes, we do. Our country is not that big to have a choice. But in this case Fuzaylov, the one you are talking about, helped us a lot. And if you noticed, he played with Russia as well. This young player is in such a shape now when it's better to let him play rather than to keep him on the bench. And there's nothing bad about his young age. I think that all my players are becoming men now and it's a great school for them.

Martin Reim, Head coach of team Estonia:

– At first I want to thank the rivals for the game. I'd like to note that team Tajikistan is formed of very technical and well-trained players. We've been preparing for this game, we've seen how Tajikistan played against Russia, how they were quickly delivering the ball to the opponent's penalty area. However, first twenty minutes were very hard for our team. Only our goalkeeper saved us during that time. We realized that we were to play very tough to get success against our today's opponent. This was the instruction before the game, but still the team of Tajikistan was able to find a hole in our defense.

– We were talking about Kauber a talented player of your team at the previous press conference. You were not happy that he hadn't had much playing practice in his club. However, he started the game on the bench again today...

– Nothing to be worried about. Last time he was in the starting eleven, now he went in as a substitute. That's normal. We've brought many players here who we need to look at. As for the game, he went to refresh the situation and to score in the end of the match!

– Wasn't it a great risk to make four substitutions at once, when the score was quite insecure?

– If you noticed I also substituted the forwards shortly before. Our young striker lost a lot of energy, as well as the other players. We needed new players for reinforcement. The score was insecure, indeed, but I believe we've chosen the right moment.

– Martin, two games and two wins! What will you be aiming the guys at before the next match?

– Today we have to rest a bit. Tomorrow we have no matches. We need to recover. Tomorrow the coaching staff will be considering the game plan for the following match against Russia.

– Will you motivate your players against the tournament home team in any specific way?

– No, my players don't need any special motivation. We always set the mood equally for all games, no matter if it's a friendly match or an official one. I think if a player has put on the jersey of his national team he must come onto the pitch to fight till the end!


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