January 21st, 2016, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Best players: Nikolai Zolotov, Artem Razgoniuc

Post match comments

Igor Kovalevich, Head coach of team Belarus:

– We are becoming stronger with each game and we are acting better. We caught the tournament tempo and it's a pity we did not play well the first match. We got a win today against a strong opponent, one of the leaders. We played well, I think, creating a number of chances, especially in the first half. We got problems with the lineup and injured players by the end of the tournament. Despite this the guys showed their character.

– Which team do you like most on this tournament?

– I did not have much time to analyze other teams. But, in my view, Moldova is the most well-organized team. I would also highlight Russia among the others. It's just my opinion, for I have seen Russia playing for only one half.

– A question about substitutions. Rassadkin is the leader of the team, so why did you replace him?

– He started the game already having a minor injury. He was striving to get to the pitch and to help the team. He gave all his energy and then asked for a substitution himself. We had to throw a young player in. Of course, this was not an equal substitution, but we did not have any other options.

– You substituted out a player who went on substitution before. Could you comment on this?

– This was a tactical substitution. We needed to keep the score.

Danut Stelian Oprea, Head coach of team Moldova:

– Since we are already in the final, we decided to give a chance to the guys who did not have much playing practice, and correspondingly, to give rest to those who spent much time on the pitch in the previous games. But when I saw the play in the first half, I had to change it all back by making several substitutions at a time. We've got a good match performed by strong opponents. I am satisfied with the actions of both teams. I hope we will make certain conclusions to start the final match fully equipped.

– You experimented with the lineup, but the two goals were conceded when there was your first team on the pitch...

– I don't agree to call it experimenting. We just decided to play this way. And even though we've lost today, I am glad about what I've seen. We don't have a clearly framed first team.

– There was also Spataru coming on substitution. He used to be a captain and it was Razgoniuc now. What's your idea on who should be a captain?

– Yes, there is a captain and there are two vice-captains who can take over this role if anyone is injured.

– You've made many substitutions. Does it mean that you were trying to save the match in spite of being the finalist?

– Yes, you are right. That is our motto: to come to each game to win and gain points. I saw that we could still save the match and win. This psychology allows us to rise up higher and higher.

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