January 19th, 2016, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Best players: Eugeniu Rebenja, Tamirlan Kozubaev

Post match comments

Danut Stelian Oprea, Head coach of team Moldova:

– A good game with a fine speed. A strong and organized opponent. The team of Kyrzyzstan showed themselves as a skillful team that enjoys and knows how to handle the ball. So we had to act more aggressively. I'm glad that my guys have shown all they could. I'm glad they've entirely executed the instructions of the coaches. I want to thank the team for today's victory!

– You haven't changed the starting lineup for today. Does it mean we can see Moldovan first eleven from the first minutes?

– We have been just making experiments with the lineup so far. We had an extended list before the start of the competition, but 10 players were off because of injuries and therefore stayed at home. We've brought the strongest here for this moment. When we are planning the starting lineup, we keep in mind our opponent.

– So are the teams of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan similar?

– The both teams you've mentioned show a technical football. They are similar. Our coaches have only recently started to work together, but we decided to engrain aggressive character to the team at once, to play in a powerful manner, to pull back, to play from defense, to be pressing all the time.

– The first goal in today's match was performed by Spataru and Rebenja. Are they from the same club? They seemed to be in a conflict today on the pitch?

– We are working to improve their mutual understanding. They are from different clubs. One is a Zimbru player and the other plays for Sheriff. The fact that they sometimes express some pretensions to each other on the pitch is absolutely normal – these are emotions. The important thing is that we could control it as coaches. In the half-time we had a talk with the players. And as you can see, our talk has brought the result.

– Are they both leaders?

– We want the team to be a leader. We want each player to be pulling the team.

Mirlan Eshenov, Head coach of team Kyrgyzstan:

– Yes, we lost today, but the tournament is not over yet. Moldova is a strong team and currently they deserve to be one of the Commonwealth Cup leaders. They play very tense and sometimes they play rough. One could see they were energized. They have taken away possession from us. We made several rude individual mistakes. But it's not the time to be sad now. We'll be preparing for the next game.

– Are you acquainted with team Moldova?

– Last year we met with the same squad here on the Commonwealth Cup. We played a 1:1 draw.

– Israilov really stands out in your team. Why did you substitute him again?

– Yes, he is a key player. But sometimes our players excessively use this trying to find him with a long ball all the time. He gets tired. That's why I replaced him. This was to refresh the play first and, secondly, to switch to team play and short passing.

– You said you would be preparing for the next game. Do you have any thoughts how to strengthen the team?

– We have thoughts, ideas and opportunities. We need to gather with the coaching staff to have some joint thinking and to make a decision then.

– It seems there's a certain responsibility division in your coaching staff...

– Yes, you've noticed this right. Every coach is responsible for his own line – defense, midfield, attack and goalkeepers. We use the same scheme in our first national team. And it's right, in my view. The players move to a more experienced team in connected groups.

– Do the coaches quarrel about which line played the best?

– No, they are experienced. And I will join to resolve a conflict, if necessary.

– Are you capable really? It's just that you seem to be a very gentle person...

– Of course, I am capable. I am a coach after all. But I'll say this again – we have a good team of coaches who are all professionals.

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