Eshenov 1Mirlan ESHENOV, Head Coach of team Kyrgyzstan

"We'll try to break through to the Commonwealth Cup prize holders"

On the last Commonwealth Cup, the team of Kyrgyzstan led by a 26-year-old (!) Head Coach Mirlan Eshenov, was a real sensation. Presenting a nice surprise for both the spectators and the football specialists, the Kyrgyz team won the match with the youth team Russia at the group round and took the 1st place in Group B! Finally, Kyrgyzstan managed to break through to the top-6 on the Commonwealth Cup-2015. And now, past a year, the same Eshenov and his interesting team are dreaming of a more serious goal. And the first step towards it is already made: Kyrgyzstan managed to outplay the youth team of Belarus in the starting match of the tournament.

– Mirlan, we haven't forgotten the bright play of the youth team Kyrgyzstan exactly a year earlier here, in Peterburgsky SCC. Then your team finished at the sixth position. Now, looking at your starting game, one could say your team is prepared well and obviously counts on more?

– Yes, we were thoroughly preparing for this tournament: we had two ten-day training camps at home in Bishkek and in Khimki, Moscow oblast. So physically the guys are prepared well now. But a starting match has quite a reasonable psychological factor at such a prestigious international tournament as the Commonwealth Cup. So all the coaches in our team are especially satisfied that the guys managed to control their excitement. The play itself was also rather good, as well as the result, naturally.

– Confess that in your soul you are eager to take a place higher than the sixth of last year. Moreover, there are less participants in the Commonwealth Cup this year than in 2015.

– We'll be striving to get to the first three of the tournament. We've already made the first step having won against such a worthy opponent as the youth team of Belarus. This win must add self-confidence to the guys.

Eshenov 2– You've mentioned the camps in Bishkek and Khimki. Could you tell a bit more about them?

– The team started preparations to the Commonwealth Cup gathering in Bishkek on the 20th of December. They were focusing on physical conditions during trainings mostly throughout those ten days. The guys were given several days off and then we came to Moscow on the 3rd of January. I'd like to express my high gratitude to Dynamo Moscow FC: we were received heartily and could have a normal training camp in Khimki, on an artificial pitch with heating. Working conditions were brilliant!

– Already after your win over Belarus you mentioned that two players of your team had been called to the national team of Kyrgyzstan at once...

– These are Bakhtyiar Duishobekov and Farkhat Musabekov, both midfielders. By the way, Duishobekov plays for the club which I'm coaching – Abdysh-Ata... Both Bakhtyiar and Farkhat have progressed significantly during the last year, having played in about 70-80% of all team Kyrgyzstan matches. Just imagine, the guys have played against the first teams of Jordan and Australia both at home and away! Such matches are invaluable experience for young players. I would like to specially note that Aleksandr Krestinin, the Head Coach of the national team of Kyrgyzstan, is attentively watching our team. He was at the camp in Khimki and he also came here to the tournament. Basically, the team playing now on the Commonwealth Cup 2016 is the reserve of Kyrgyzstan national team. We have a constant working contact with Krestinin, we are working in closely together.

– Let me specify this: yet, you are not a member of the national team coaching staff?

– You know, apart from the national youth team, I'm coaching a Kyrgyzstan Premier League club. Combining three duties at a time is quite challenging.

Eshenov 3– By the way, how has your club Abdysh-Ata performed in the last national Championship?

– The season was quite good: we've won bronze medals in the Championship and managed to win the Kyrgyzstan Cup. And we won 4:2 in the Cup final against... our own reserve team who managed to kick out two favourites at once from the tournament on their way to the final! This way we entered the football history of Kyrgyzstan with two teams, you can say (smiling).


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