Match № 18

The match № 18 (group stage), fifth tournament day


January 20th, 2015, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Referees: Vladimir Seldyakov, Ivan Kasyankov, Nail Seifetdinov

Lithuania: Gertmonas, Aleksandravicius (Urbis Sig., 46), Trucinskas, Krasnovskis (Ganusauskas, 80), Krusnauskas, Gaspuitis, Vitukynas (Bucma, 39), Armanavicius (Urbys Sim., 69) Janusevskij (c), Malinauskas (Skripkinas, 59), Baravykas

Head coach: Arminas Narbekovas

Tajikistan: Soniev, Sharipov A. (c), Juraboev, Sharipov F. (Rakhmatov, 70), Aliev (Safarov, 90), Ergashev, Sadikhoni, Abdugafarov, Dzhalilov (Saidov, 88), Rakhmonov, Muzafarov

Head coach: Alisher Tukhtaev

Goals: Malinauskas (4), Ergashev (78), Rakhmonov (86)

Yellow cards: Malinauskas (33), Gertmonas (78), Saidkhoni (84)

Best players: Povilas Malinauskas, Abdurasul Rakhmonov

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After match comments

Head coach of team Lithuania Arminas Narbekovas:

– My opinion that today the best team has won. If someone in Lithuania thinks that the team without preparation and training camp can win anything on this tournament, he is mistaken. There is nothing to do with such game as we had today. If we won today I would feel inconvenient. We play not the football. The team plays good football won match today. I can congratulate them.

– What was the reason of substitution on 39th minute of the match?

– Player had a small injury, not serious one. But he didn't catch the game. He had to lead the squad, coordinate actions, but he failed. So the others have failed. Even 70 substitutions wouldn't change anything.

– Lithuanian team was successful traditionally on Commonwealth Cup, qualifying to quarterfinals. Now you are failed to do it. Is it an unlucky year or something else had happened?

– The main reason – our season has not begun. Training camps are nearly to start. The preparation begins. We had three days before the tournament and it is not enough. We need strength to score back. That is why players can't show all their abilities.

– Is it the reason of your tactics of small fouls?

– For sure. If you can't be in time in one situation then another, at the end it will be the base for the goal. It is common in normal football. In order to prevent it we had to foul. But to come to the tournament in such conditions is suicide. Other teams were preparing, coming her with certain plans. We didn't have that.

– Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were unlucky in group stage, but is it not so offensive to take last places with such followers?

– Three together is more cheerful. The repeatition of Baltic Cup.

Head coach of team Tajikistan Alisher Tukhtaev:

– As you have noted, after the defeat with the score 1:3 in last match we have made correction work. We worked with our mistakes and coming to this match players were totally organized in order not to make the mistakes as in previous match. Team of Lithuania is very good and strong to my opinion. Several years ago Central Asian teams lost to European teams as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia all the time on Commonwealth Cup. We even couldn't compete with them. But now we win! It means that we have improved, made step forward. Our football is rising especially on youth level. We play here with equal opponents.

– You have said that you made correction work. Did you correct the final stage of attacks? If your players could realize half of the moments they have made, the score would be bigger or even devastating.

– You are right. It is our problem and not only on this tournament. This is our weakest point. The final of attacks is our main problem.

– In difference to your colleague, you have made only one substitution on 70th minute of the match and there were two more in additional time... What was the reason? You didn't want to break the way of the game?

– Yes, it was obvious during the match that the players have found some team play and I didn't want to spoil it with substitutions.

– Even Nostradamus couldn't predict leaders of groups. How do you think will the favorites of the tournament be changed now?

– I will say – yes. I have already told that football development is going forward in our countries: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. We are making huge steps. Asian Football Confederation also does a big work, especially for youth football. There are many tournaments and festivals for children. Thanks to all of that we see the results of this work.


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