Created on Thursday, 22 January 2015

news 20150122_2Tournament of the coaches

Tournament of the coaches and officials of the teams participating Commonwealth Cup is an unseparatable part of the unofficial schedule of the competition. Representatives of 9 teams of 12 declared their participation in this tournament and were divided into 4 teams. White uniform was taken by RSA and Belarus; yellow – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan; blue – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia; red – Russia.

After the draft in the first semifinal "yellow" defeated "red" 2:1, and "white" only in penalty shootout knocked out "blue" 3:1 (1:1 after full time).

In the match for the third place "red" tried to prove themselves and defeated "blue" 6:3, in the Final "white" won "yellow" with a minimal advantage – 1:0.


Официальные партнеры Российского футбольного союза / Official partners of the Football Union of Russia

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Официальные партнеры турнира / Official partners of the tournament 

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