January 17th, 2016, St. Petersburg, Peterburgsky SCC, 300 spectators

Best players: Nikita Korzun, Akhlidin Israilov

Post match comments


Igor Kovalevich, Head coach of team Belarus:

– It's difficult to think of what to tell. I won't be wrong to say that today it was the worst match in three years that I have been coaching the team and bringing it to the Commonwealth Cup. My team had no play at all today. The team of Kyrgyzstan deserved the win being better than us everywhere. We lost in duels and committed many fouls. It's hard to win a match without control over the ball. We'll have to analyze it. Now it's difficult to see anything positive in our team's actions.

– Is the lineup you've brought here good enough?

– We lack six people for different reasons. Evgeny Yablonsky, the captain, hasn't come. He had had an excellent season in BATE, he's one of the leading players, and he's played in the Champions League. The others are either injured or recovering after injuries. Pavel Savitsy has his fifth metatarsal bone broken. The heaviest losses are in the midfield. So we've brought here the closest reserves, including some players born in 1997. They have shown themselves well in our national Championship.


Mirlan Eshenov, Head coach of team Kyrgyzstan:

– I am glad with the game and with the result. The folks managed to do it well. We made psychological aspect a priority of preparation for the match. I am happy the players executed the game plan. We made our first step. And we shall start preparing for the next match now.

– Can you highlight anyone in your team?

– I would highlight Akhlidin Israilov, our number 21 for his individual skills. He's a player of Dynamo-2 Kyev. It's mainly because of his moves today that we managed to win.

– Today we saw a great team play. Have the players been playing together for a long?

– The team almost has not changed compared to the last year. The folks have been playing for a long time. We can see them helping each other and supporting and assisting.

– We remember you managing the team in a sports costume last year. And today you're wearing a suit...

– We are growing up (smiling)! This way last year I wanted to underline that I was close to the team. But everything is changing. The culture of football and everything in general is developing.

– Following the last Commonwealth Cup two of your players were called to represent the national team. Did they help your team today?

– These are Baktyiar Duishobekov, number 7 and Farkhat Musabekov, number 17. Of course, the fact that you are called to play for the main national team gave them more confidence. They played against Australia and Jordan. I have positive impressions from their play today. I substituted Farkhat because I think that having experience of the first national team games a football player should be way better than all his mates in the youth team.

– Was it the strength of your team or the weakness of the opponent that influenced the final match result more?

– I would never say that we played against a weak opponent. Yes, Belarus might have not showed their best today, but I am responsible for the actions of my team. We simply used our moment.


#1 Belarus – Kyrgyzstan

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